He is more than willing to drown in your desire for him

26th Mesa, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


Soon to be Mother of my childs,





Praise be to Khonsu, Praise be to Ra, Praise be to Apis, Praise be to Bast, Praise be to all the Gods that have allowed you and I to come together and be fruitful. It is a glorious day INDEED. I will go through Hades, if need be, to be there for the birth of our childs.


So we have a wedding to plan as wells, IF you are still agreeable to the custom of your adopted home. The details I will take from you as this will be your day as you are the shining light that all shall bask in. The only thing that I will insist on is that it happens on the 16th of Kagna, just before midnight, as that is the next Blood Harvest Moon. This will put us under the biggest chance of approval from Khonsu as possible.


Of course thank you so much for speaking to me again, it felt like my heart was ripped from my chest, chewed on, eaten, and shat out by evil Lycan wolves. Bareing this last mention, I shall never, ever, never mutter the one that shall not be spoken of again. Ever. Never.






NO MR. TOOTH. I will not let you insult the soon to be Mother of my childs, besides NOW that I have her back in my life AND I know that I will have offspring, I am even MORE motivated to become the HERO you seek. My apologies Soon to be Mother of my childs, Mr. Tooth was being RUDE and very UN-HERO like. Well waters back to OURS conservation.




So a couple weeks ago CrIsis was invited to a big fancy-shmancy feast, I was all YEAH FOOD, but another part of me was chill, be civil; where that part of me came from IDK.So anyways, we are leaving for the feast and Godly stops me and asks: “Are you wearing that!?”, talkin bout the cloth that holds my Twig & Berrys. I respondeds with; Hey I covered my bits, was the problem. He “informed me” that it was fancy-shmancy and I needed to dress “proper”. What is with dese folks issue with clothes. They have to cover every single bit of there bodies ALL THE TIME. Whatevers. I put on my Leather armor, it is the only thing I have that “covers” (barely) the One-eyed monster and his too hairy friends.


Godly also has issues with hows I grooms my hairs I guess, I tried to slick it back to be fancy-shmancy and he does his cleansy thing and my hair goes all poof like normal, so I halfs to slicks it again. Sometimes he oversteps, but not often.


Sews, we arrives at the mansion of The Groffster and the large fronts grassies area is all covered in tables and chairs and tents and foods, oooh all the foods I was soooo hungry, but we got mobbed by lots of sickly-sweet smelling folks with strange wigs covered in a strange white powdery gunk. Man if any of them went into the wild, they could be hunted down in an instance, if something wanted hunt anything that foul smelling. So they mobbeds all of CrIsis asking endless questions about everything we doos in our journeyies. I had a few wanting me to change, I tryed to explain how I halfs to get naked and I am supposed to stay clothed and not insult the sensibilities of the Hooman females and that I would scare most of the nice people away if I did. They took back there request, but I said that near the high moon I would be doing a simple ceremony of worship to Khonsu and that they could observe or join and that I would be the Bear for that.







This is something that purple-lexes me, WHY did they want the Bear, don’t they realize I AM the Bear, always. Just when I LOOK Hooman, it is my way of being a civil Bear. IDK, maybe you have some experience with this as you have been amongst Hoomans longer than I. Oh well.





Sews, lots of questioning by people that seem more interested in how what we do means to them instead of the realm. All the rest of Crisis got the same treatment, Especiallies Godly and PaPa; they even asked him to pray for there pet!? Weird, pets are to be used as tools, not decoration. She had it in a small bag, like keeping a small snack in my bag, weird. The only one I didn’t see all night was Foxer, IDK, his sense of smell is even better than mine so I am sure he was barfing his guts out from the stench of the party.


I did have a bunch of Hoomans axe me about my Worships of Khonsu, SO I wince intwo grate detail of how I met the Great one, and the whole story of Wayra and the Kanáta’ village and I guess they didn’t like the story as a bunch of them walked off, those that stayed I invited to my Worship planned for later.


So that night at the high moon, I went to the woods just on the edge of the big lawns, found a sacrifice and met those that wanted to participle with me. I warned all that I was getting naked and about to change, paws, then did so. Too of them went running screaming into the woods when I changed, I guess they didn’t here my warning. Anyways, I then warned them that the ceremony would be bloody and messy, but that was the way it was supposed to be. They backed up a little, I said my blessing of Khonsu and since it was the fest of Bast, I also said a blessing of her as well. I don’t wanted here to be felt left out. After I performed the ceremonies and place my coins offering in the flesh offering, I asked those presents if they would also offers coins, the generously did, YEAH NEW KHONSU WORSHIPERS. I then asked if any would like to be anointed with the flesh of the offerings, they ALL stepped right up and I blessed and anointed them with the fleshes of Khonsu & Bast as it was here day as well.


So the next daytime was the full fest of Bast, I guess LOTS of sex and beatings and pains. IDK, never understood the Hoomans need for lots of partners and causing such things to each others. Whys they can’t be absolutely please and overjoyed with the one true soulmate in there lifes, Like us, hour love will be eternal and tells will be told of it, it is so grand and beautiful that we have been blessed with childs. Owe I cant weights to see there gorgeous snarling little snouts. Thank you so very much for giving me childs, it is the highest mark of our love.


Sews, they all wents off for the Fest, I stayed on the new boat. Because of some of my craziness from missing you, I owe a great debt and it must be paid, Sew I toiled away making many fancy weapons of CrIsis to makes coins to paves my debt. I herds all of CrIsis and most of the crew partook in the sex fest, well except Foxer, he stayed behind to fight his one-eyed monster & hairy friends. I could here him in the next cabin. It was almost annoying while trying to make fancy weapons. I was told Grignak was the one wanted by all, he even had EmEM wanting to be a chair…why would you want to be a chair, I could see a swing…but a chair? Funny bit, next morning they all crawls back to the ships, and I great them like normal, I guess it was painful, cause someone shoved me from the ship, I prepared to dive into the water but Foxer lifts me with his minda again and plants me on the deck. When I go to look for the shover, everyone has quickly scampered off the deck. Owe well, guess they like poking the Bear, I like jokes as well.


It was soon after that I gots your letter I was SO OVERJOYED that I went running around the ship yelling, it was the most joyous news a Bear could get, his bonded will bless him with childs.


We were sailings to Haven when we came across a couple Pirate ships, but something weird happened a large whole in the fabric of the realm opened up, out come something that grabbed up all the loose detritus that layed about the deck and waters and formed a strange beast, It attacked our new 2nd mate and I helped to defend him, the beast didn’t last long. I seem to be getting more powerful, but I don’t know the influence yet.


So weaved arrived in Haven, We are so close to you I can smell your lovely musk. Anyways we are going to see The Most Reverend Rosie to deliver something important, but I really don’t remember what? Anyways on the ways we are attacked, sorta. I was leading the way and I here the others call from behind me, Godly has “fallin”. I turn too see our “attackers”. That is when I seas dem, a bunch of urchins with wooden swords and paper helms “attacking” us. I then PRETEND to be a big bear while looking Hooman, some of them laughed. It was just very natural to play along with the childs. IDK maybe knowing that I will have childs soon, some instinct knowledge took over. It was very fun, I was “attacked” by a few of the childs around my legs. I dragged them around making grrr noises, with my hands high above my head like Bear claws. Fun was had by all, I can’t wait to play with my own childs and you so very soon.


Please give my many thanks to Brudder Malkin for helping to bring us together as we should always be.


I will always seek your guidance and I will always remember that You are the Only One



Your Big Lovable Oaf,

Ansa, Ursus & Mr. Tooth drawn by AZ_RUNE
Shredded Heart from Documenting Reality
Powdered Wig pic found on Pinterest
Roast pig picture from Chef Amy Glaze
Dragging Kids from open sources

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