…but…they CHALLENGED me…


31st of Thnu, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


Forgiving Feral,





Please, I beg forgiveness. My state and behavior before you and His Holiness was…shall we say…a temporary return to my more bestial days. The day prior was supposed to be a day of rest and lack of hostilities. During the festivities I came across some old acquaintances from the time I visited the Library of Bletherad. Fig & Leaf…excuse me, Lagram as he prefers…seemed to feel I was well beneath them and thought it a slight joke to try and get me blanked. Well joke on them, as the Dyval’s Brew they offered me had very little effect…at least at first.



After their initial shock, we & Totem began a lengthy discussion about the Church of Light & Dark. There were minor challenges of knowledge between the two pair of us. Totem & I vs. the Twins. At some point it was elevated to a strange drinking game. I may have elevated it after offering to trade my Demon’s Brew for their Dyval’s Brew, which they agreed to. The long and short of it, one side would challenge the other to some arcane religious knowledge. If the answerer got it wrong both drank a quarter droplet of Demon’s Brew AND Dyval’s Brew. If they got it correct, the questioners drank. It was interesting and I seemed to get smarter the more we all drank…seemed. Well, Totem had enough and went off to find his wife for some ritual sex…like you need a ritual for sex…leaving me with the brother’s. We continued our “discussion” literally all night and into the morning. I was dragging them back to their inn, when I was beckoned by His Holiness via his personal guard. I dropped them right there and then you know the rest.



So, Darling, please forgive my bestial behavior…as I was challenged by folk that thought me smaller then them.


Your Flawed Feable

Sent to Ansa in the Avramstown via Magic Eagle

Ansa and Figbit & Lagram drawn by our own AZ_RUNE
Demon’s Brew picture from LURCH6571
Dyval’s Brew picture from Ahriman238



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