6th of Seha, 2nd year of the Rebirth, Unknown Location.


The Reverend Titus, Priest of Khonsu, Church of Light, Nisi





Reverend, I hope all is well with you these days and that your Honor and reputation has rebounded after I tarnished both. While not acting in my right mind, I still acted freely and that is what matters.


I am very pleased that will you officiate the union of my Beloved Beast & I. As for the Date, She has decided to postpone our nuptials until She is ready. I comply with Her wishes and will endeavor to inform you of the date with ample time to travel to the location of our societal bonding.


On to other matters. Of late I have had an increasing occurrence of a…well…let’s call it…a haunting.


FolwinSkull-tinyDamn right fracker of Mothers! Ima gonna HAUNT you till you dies!…wait, how long doe she lives anyways…oh…crap.




defiance-tooth-pic-verticalYep, that’s what you get for opening your big trap you body-less ninny.




As you can tell, it is ever increasing…like they are feeding off of each other and my own inner self. I have tried to ignore, but one I must pay attention to, while the other I must attempt to rid myself of…forever.


Wait…whose he tryin to get rid of…?


I SAID SHUT IT YOU FRACK! If you would just be patient and listen you might actually learn what is going on.


Excuse the interruption. AS I was saying, one must go, barely room for two. This came to a head while recently in Llorn, bolstering the worship of the Light with Duke Vaspasseon, Torrun, Merkl and the Nameless One and I were helping one of the local shelters for the less fortunate. Well, someone thought it very funny to “scare” some of the little ones.


Yeah, you should’ve seen the faces of those little snots


YES, shear panic and terror once the “Skull” was produced and the voice came out of my mouth. A few “accidents” were had by some of the childs. I was fed up and had enough. I turned to the Nameless One and asked him to join me in taking care of something. I felt he sensed what I needed to do and agreed to join me. I excused myself from the shelter and proceeded to the closest Temple of Light that had a burial plot.


Once we arrived, I transformed to my true self. I brought forth the Skull of my own free will for the first time in a long time. I gently placed it upon the ground. I then began to dig a deep hole.


Wait…what’s the hole for…?


The question you should be asking is WHOSE the hole for?


Once the hole seemed appropriately deep enough, I placed the Skull at the bottom. I used some of the Holy Water I received from our former Member Indaris, while saying the following prayer, splashed it upon the Skull:


In your hands, O Khonsu, we humbly entrust our brother.
In this life you embraced him with your tender love and guidance;
Guide him now on his final travel to the everlasting;
deliver them now from every evil and bid them eternal rest.
The old order has passed away: welcome them into paradise,
where there will be no sorrow, no weeping or pain,
but fullness of peace and joy forever and ever.


Once I was done, Brother EmEm, performed one of his oft used rituals to help release the soul and send it on it’s final journey.


Brother Ursus, I praise thee for my release and journey to the final resting place. I am forever joyed that I sit with those that have gone before me. May blessings of the Light be upon you. AmenRa.


Good Warrior, may you find everlasting peace upon your arrival to your final destination.


Wow, amazingly quiet in here. Oh yeah, sorry Reverend. So I hope to Khonsu that Folwin will find the peace he deserves, especially after being “trapped” in here with me. I feel…less…smothered. One last thing, would you be so kind as to send an update, via His Holiness, about the Ursunites and what GOOD they have been up to.


I also made sure to place a proper marker to signify poor Folwin’s sacrifice at the “altar” that is Ursus, Warrior God for the Light



May the Blessings of KHONSU be upon you and may HE guide you on your travels.


Ursus Monstrum Actos








Sent to Reverend Titus, in Nisi, via His Holiness U’Selekma.

Mr. Tooth drawn by our own AZ_RUNE.
Father Titus picture by C. J. Marsh
Skull picture from Wikimedia Commons
Headstone from Head Stones USA



  • About damn time he cross that bridge and bury that concern! Little easier to follow along, a nice change of pace.

  • Ahh, peace and quiet, and one less voice in Ursus’ head! Very honorable thing to do….

    • The fact that there are more than 2 should be disturbing to all…

  • It’s good to see that Ursus could finally let him go. Now he won’t hold him back anymore.

    • Yeah, a DemiGod really shouldn’t beholden to anything but a superior being…AND yes HE considers Ansa a superior Being.

  • Nice account of ritual.

    • You might want to catch up on the other antics of Usurs, Folwin and Mr Tooth.

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