Sorry I haven’t written, hope this explains


Morning of the 28th of Seha, 2nd year of the rebirth, outskirts of SprinGate.


My Beautiful Beast,


My apologies for not having written sooner, as CrIsis was in crisis over the fact that the agents of the Dark have been intercepting our pigeons to home, to friends, to colleagues, to everyone. We had to remain incommunicado until a method could be devised to counter the Hawks that had been attacking our messages. While they did re-send them unaltered (as far as we can tell) they garnered as much intel as possible before sending them on. That is why you received the big eagle instead of a regular pigeon…surprise???


Let me at least fill you in on what has happened in the last few days or so. On the 17th, after somewhat handily taking a Crystal Castle for it’s rightful Owner, we transported via magical means directly to the edge of the palace of Emperor Itomas II. Once there we were quickly recognized by soldiers & royalty alike and quickly escorted to his Imperial Majesty, whom immediately adjourned his entire court to give us a complete private audience. We offered several items as proof we had indeed taken care of the Evil agents that had been conspiring and causing turmoil in the Western Empire. The head of Lady Shara & Lady Daera and the cock of Blackrock. His Imperial Majesty was so gracious for the “gifts” that he awarded us…3…um…mill…um…a shit ton of gold. IDK is was more than I could ever carry in 10 loads. Wait, I know what 10 is? Anyway, An interesting thing happened once we felled the 2 “Ladies”, Mr. Tooth showed, well emoted to me I guess, fear.


defiance-tooth-pic-verticalEnough of that, that’s between us you oaf.




OK, OK, I will get back to the events. His Imperial Majesty also offered to fully repair the Shield of Light, which we all graciously accepted. The nameless one and the Emperor had a private exchange, EmEm offered a letter detailing intel on the Cyclops in the region and the Emperor offered Stewards and farm hands to assist his family with getting His farm back in order in his absence.


Totem also had a private exchange of sorts, dealing with the Woman he is calling his Wife (I don’t recall the wedding though) and a myriad of “sex books” about Totem and his antics in the Dungeon. These folk are super obsessed with the sex of others, I only care about sex with you.


The Lightweight offered a very special item to the Emperor, I was half listening and thought I heard him say the material was part wretched silver and that Dragon coins were made of it, I flipped out a little and went rummaging for my DCs to dump them on some other unsuspecting fool. My fears were calmed as he explained that it really wasn’t silver.


Really, silver, THAT’S what you fear.


HEY, SHUT IT. I thought we were done with that discussion. Anyway Darling, I KNOW you understand about that deplorable metal of the Devil. I did make my obligatory pitch for increasing the worship of Khonsu. I requested the Emperor add a Priest of the Traveler to his court and erecting a Temple to Him. He was very obliging.


We are escorted to a private room, so we can confer amongst ourselves. Moments after we are alone Thoth appears, grabs EmEm, saying “You need to come with Me.” and poof their gone. We discuss what to do with all the gold and what to do over the next few days as we wait for the Festival of Thoth. Not long after EmEm disapears, the entire room is filled with a fog that not even I can see through it. There is confusion with all of us, especially Foxer trying to POINT at something instead of TELLING me where to look or go. after a few moments the fog clears and in the room is EmEm mounted on a pale steed. He seems more frightful then usual. It turns out he has also join the ranks of the DemiGods, as I did and Xerx’ses before.


With the morning of the 18th we proceed to GCB to take care of debts and check on book sales. Along the way a couple of young lasses approach Totem asking if his “special” ability was true. There was some questioning of them and it turns out that in the “sex book” it states Totem can cause an orgasm by merely looking at someone. Well he looked at them and they did, so it must be true. EmEm blesses some gardens along the way, part of his new found being I guess.


Later that day, in honor of Thoth, I went to one of his temples to make an offering. I followed my usually method, dragging an Ox into the temple, Acolytes scampering to get things ready. They seemed somewhat more prepared then the last one I did. Word must travel. After sacrificing the animal and some of my gold…I’m told it was For-D-Sex-Tau-Sand gold…I slice the head of the carcass and swallowed it whole. This was also in honor of Thoth as this what he did to the head of Lady Shara. I have dubbed it Ursusing your enemy. It was my shtick that he copied after all. I hope he is all good with it.


21st of Seha, Festival of Thoth. What a cacophony and chaotic mess. It was like everyone in the entire Western Empire showed up on the same day. I longed for the quiet days of the tundra with nary a sole around. Just you and our soon to be childs. One day we will be there. Gleabster runs into us and sets a meet for a later time, he has more intel for us. It turns out Juggler’s dad is in town, under a presumed name as he has had some issues with the local constabulary, his troupe is one of the main performers on the center stage/arena. After their performance, we meet the entire troupe and inform Juggler’s Dad that he has been given a full Imperial Pardon. Excitement and revelry all around.


You know thinking back on this, having been with CrIsis for over a year now, I don’t recall ever celebrating a Festival in the Honor of Khonsu. Now while He is new amongst the Pantheon, He has become a Major God amongst them, at least in my eyes. I may have to doing something about this. It is coming up on the Third year of the Rebirth and He has no festival of his own. What date should I use though, as I recall just about every month is taken…let me think…well there are 2 months that don’t have festivals, that I recall. Thok Na & Kagna. Well Kagna may not work as that is traditionally known as Kym-Nark-Mar and I don’t think the Drag…




…um…well that’s his month. That leaves Thok Na and that was the month that he appeared to me and made me a believer. I remember because the ground had just began to melt a little, I remember the mush squishing between my toes. Maybe you could inquire with Brudder Malkin as too when and if there has ever been a festival of Khonsu and what month would be the most appropriate for it. Thanks.


24th of Seha, Kat’s Dungeon. Totem planned on taking all of us here since we arrived in Caer Itom. Almost everyone partakes in the…how do I put this…well I might as well be blunt, I know I’m not sharp, at least not my claws. So everyone is propositioned for various sex acts, as worship to Bast or for just sheer pleasure. For Once I had the most clothes on, it felt strange. I outright refused every approach. Ms. Kat noticed that I was standing like one of her many weird positioned statues in a corner. She approached me and asked if there was anything here that I would find pleasurable. While I did notice some fighting going on, it always resulted in sex, so I wasn’t interested. I explained that there was but one thing that would give me pleasure and that was you, my Bonded, standing right in front of me. She seemed saddened by my statement, but something in here realized what I was inferring and that caused her a smile. I think she maybe understood a little what our love meant to me.


I did, however, attend many readings of the books of CrIsis, giving many readings myself. This was a fun exercise, talking aloud about the adventures of CrIsis and myself. I especially loved recounting how you & I met.


25th of Seha, Imperial Palace. We are packing to leave for SprinGate as we intend to place one of the pieces there. Emperor Itomas II informs us that he has agreed to join us in traveling to SprinGate. What seems like a battalion of troops and servants is assembled into a caravan. We set off on the journey to SprinGate. As I am leading the caravan and I was feeling much more comfortable with the folk here, I went Full Bear and armed myself with the Eye of Osiris. I was, after all, scouting for an Emperor and my senses are much sharper when in Full Bear. We traveled for several days. On the 27th about midday, a small group of foolish bandits attempted to rob the caravan. I had sensed them well off. I ordered the caravan to slow their pace, but continue on the trail. I quickly, but stealthily moved into the dense woods and sussed out their ambush kill zone. I decided to set my own ambush of their ambush. I positioned my self as close as I could to their positions. At the slight moment before the main caravan entered the kill zone, I roared to life. Running on all fours, growling loudly, through many of the hidden positions they had taken up. Most ran, some tried to fight me off, all were thwarted, by myself or the small army that was protecting the caravan. I thought I heard the Juggler say something about a Bull in China’s shop. I thought, but I’m a Bear and who is this China and why would I run through her nice shop. Anyway, it is the morning of the 28th and the caravan is about to move out. I have to take my post, I just wanted to assure you that all is well and I will be with you very shortly, just have to drop of this piece and I will be in your arms. That sure is a weird looking cloud up there. Do you see that Mr. Tooth, it looks like a dragon…Mr. Tooth…Mr. Tooth, hello, fine be anti-social ya old bastard…


May Khonsu bless you and the Childs, may he bless all of us as we finish our travels this gorgeous day


Ursus Monstrum Actos








Sent to Ansa, at the Library of Bletherad, via magic Eagle.

Ansa, Ursus & Mr. Tooth drawn by our own AZ_RUNE.



  • Yep sibling rivalry, the “1” that won’t be forgotten and just let him keep thinking he’s the strongest.
    – Notes

    • It’s not rivalry to Ursus, its testing of his Mettle

  • This log is so Ursus!!

  • Ha! I forgot that Ursus calls Torrun “Lightweight.”

  • Torrun needs to practice more with Heebo and Walrus.

  • CrIsis? What CrIsis? “CrIsis was in CrIsis!”

    “Causing an orgasm by merely looking at someone…” Now, that is some power there. Now, imagine that power in the eye of a magic pigeon. That’ll give them hawks something to think about!

    • I should say that CrIsis causes Crisis

    • That is a hilarious picture, hawks and pigeons…. what have I started???

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