Don’t poke the Bear

28th of Seha, Year 1 of the Rebirth


Rad Rombler,
I want to write to someone about an incident within CrIsis, but I don’t want the indiscretion voiced out to the public. Knowing you are the prime author of our exploits, and knowing you have censored our words in the past, I have decided you may be the best candidate for this communiqué…

Ursus is uneasy.
Ursus is jumpy.
Ursus is angry.

… WHAT THE FUCK, OH YEAH, I forgot to mention, I seem to have this other voice that comes out of me or through me or something. It happened with my last missive. I was writing the words but I wasn’t, I could see myself doing it…yet it wasn’t me. OH WELL, weird.

What I have to talk with SOMEONE about starts with us launching our BIG ATTACK against BLACKROCK STRONGHOLD, Home and castle of Big Black & Red. We underestimated the amount of forces or our own ability to quell them. I died AGAIN. Shiny Tiny made a decision to sound retreat, which he affected entirely on his own. This, unfortunately left Big Mack and Pretty stranded with no notion of our actions. That we will deal with at a later time.

This next part is what is most concerting to me; Shiny Tiny teleported ALL of us to Big Black & Red’s throne room. I was still dead, but starting to come to. There was much chitter-chatter between all; then with one action battle recommenced. That was when Shiny Tiny enacted his overall mini plan. He teleported ALL of us back to Sekti-Abtu, including BBR. We all engaged him, myself included since the chitter-chatter allowed me to overcome my injuries and death. I was set to strike the felling blow when BBR did something COMPLETELY unexpected; he surrendered. I moved in, grabbed the Arm and got him into a position to be bound for transport to a holding area for further interrogation. Wolfie bound him up while I held both my blades at his throat, ensuring he didn’t make any sudden movements. This is when EmEm did something that, to me, is entirely UNTHINKABLE; HE KILLED HIM…


…WOW, him again, at least I think it’s a him? Hard to tell. Anyway, PaPa and EmEm started to get into it. Wolfie joined in, Shiny Tiny ARRESTED EmEm. Pandemonium at its best. PaPa tried to rescue BBR, but EmEm did some of his mumbo-jumbo to keep that from happening. Oh yeah and we have a new member of CrIsis, Stone Face. What this means for Big Mack and Pretty, not really sure, because this usually means one or both of them are dead. Well, I think I am just about done venting my disappointment? in EmEm, I just hope Khonsu doesn’t hold this against him. I will have to talk to him later about it…



Rod Rambler by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org

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