Run!!!!! Hide the children & women & men & animals!!!!!

Evening of the 20th of Mik Na, Wisdom, Tri-Arcanum Guild.

MyPrecious Animal,


I have not heard from you since you told me of your great victory in Avramstown. I have tried to be a diligent bonded to you and write to let you know what I have been up to and where I’ve been and potential where I will be. It is difficult as a vigil to a God to predict when and where I will be. I was at least expecting a response in kind to at least let me know you have gotten my missives. I hope that I have not spurned you in any way, if this were true, I know that my massive heart would break and I would feel sorrow and I would be crazed with the ache and IDK what I would do if that were to happen. The last time I lost my bonded I was completely out of my mind and terrorized man and beast for months.



Anywho, I was hoping maybe to see you at one of the places I mentioned I would be at along with your Protectorate. I thought he may have been part of the Club that I am an honorary member of and thought that he was supposed to be here and I thought I would see you and I really miss you and I am felling sorrow without your presence and I am starting to feel out of my head again.



OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH I have a new FRIEND for you to meet, YOU WILL *LOVE* HIM. His name is Folwin. He wants to speak now, but I want you to meet him in person!


May KHONSU bless you and our glorious love.
Soon will come our ritual bonding.


Crazy Bear #1 picture from Daniel Hernanz
Crazy Bear #2 picture from EpicBlog
Folwin picture from Wikimedia Commons



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