Humble pie…more like humble fruit grove.


24th of Thnu, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.




First, my endless thanks for ensuring Ansa and the Childs are taken care of well. While I intend to return, we Warriors know the truth of the matter. Send them my love and I hope you haven’t been hurt too much by the Childs, I’m sure you can handle them.


Second, I humbly apologize for “sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong”. It is quite large most of the time and it just seems to go where it wants, especially if there is food. I will endeavor to keep out of the matters of the other realms. I was trying to gap a bridge. I’ve been told that I can act quite Ursinine, with out even trying.


Ursus Monstrum Actos

Sent to Tinor in Avramstown via Magic Eagle

All pictures previously credited within this website.


6 Responses to “URSUS IS HUMBLE(D)

  • I think all of CrIsis can attest to the propensity of Ursus’ nose to bring him towards food.

    • “Is that (insert food name) you have there? Do you have any pig meat?”

  • “EAT YOUR MAGIC PIG, HAIRY OAF! THERE ARE OTHERS ON THIS SHIP,” Annie yells and threatens with the mom glare.

    • Ursus stands there chomping on (insert food name). “Lady, that’s a good impression, but Ansa is SOOOO much better at it than you, and she is much more believable.” CHOMP CHOMP

      • Or at least bigger than she is…

      • “Then no more food for you, insulting the fact I was a mother. Rubbing my face in the fact you still have children! Get out you insufferable ass!” Storms off to the kitchen. Attel gets up to leave mentioning work won’t get done if people don’t do it.

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