Ursus Learns to Right?


DeerDear Rad Rombler,

I am trying to right to y0o in with my own *hand* I have been praktising my new langu1sh as i learn it *from* the magik quill this is very doosit dififluct to do the quil makes it looK so easy i thought you *might* Apeeseate ~the attempt~ and it could go into the *books and help sail lods of them so that would* be good as this is the first time i am writing i hope you like it this is very d!EE1clut asd poit rewq knijt adfs vna wells nots thats maks sense / and it is making my brain hurt alot and i am getting very *MAD* at myself and the stupid ink because it is not drying vary fast so i blow on it and i ~blow~ to hard and it sMearS anyswhere and all over my fur i guess i should have tried this while *human but i need to learn* while as a bear too now i have spilled ~THE INK ELSWHERES ALLS UNDERS~ papas stuff shite a big fraggin *mess and everything i touch is smeared with ink are you kidding me oh frack i*will try later







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