Didn’t see that coming.

The following takes place sometime between the 24th and 31st of Mik Na, Year 2 of the Rebirth, at the Tri-Arcanum Guild, in Wisdom.

Ursus, uncharacteristically in human form, walks down to the Guild Combat Arena. He sees the Arena Master and walks up to him.

” Hail, Master King Wing, it is pleasurable to see you again and it is more pleasurable to see that the Arena is finally open. Do you have some better fresh meat for me to mince? The last time I was here, I barley received a scratch.”

The Master gives him a sick twisted smile…with a wink & a nod he waves him on, giving his underlings the all clear sign, letting them know that the man walking up shall have free reign within the Arena.

Ursus struts up to the doors, where there are two guards and several Arena squires waiting. He unstraps his special bag. He calls out into the bag for several items, they appear and he straps them on; his leather armor (made by his own hand), his Holy Lightbringer Hunting knife and his large bone blade. He closes up his bag, walks up to a squire, handing him the bag.

” Listen carefully young elf, IF this bag doesn’t have everything I have left in it when I return, I will hunt you down…FORCE you to retrieve every single item…THEN I will begin to make your life a waking nightmare.”

The young elfin squire begins to tremble, for this being’s reputation was well known and the stories from the Books of CrIsis were proof of his reputation. While still trembling, he clings to the bag so tight it seemed either the bag or the elf was going to pop. With the acknowledgement, Ursus strolls through the mighty doors of the Arena, making his way to the very dead center.

In his usual loud bellowing voice he booms:


With that he draws both his blades and gets into his fight stance, waiting for the first fool to approach.

After a dozen or so battles, Ursus has fared well. He easily bested the first handful and then the challenges got more difficult. At one point one of the combatants did knock him from his spot. This did not faze Ursus. He just rested for a few moments and then assaulted the one who was in his spot.

The assistant Arena Master sounded a mandatory “top of the hour” halt (to ensure none were too badly hurt or buried in the dirt). Ursus remained in his spot in a Zen-like position, eerily quiet. Suddenly, Ursus looks around, very paranoid like, and bellows out:

” OK Mangy, is that you? You may not want to be in my head, it hasn’t been the safest of places lately, more so then usual!”

I should clue in you readers. You see, Ursus heard a voice in his head, while not unheard of according to rumor, and the Books, this wasn’t him going insane…again. His Rune bone blade finally decided to speak to him. He said the following to Ursus in his mind:

“You seem to be becoming a hero, but you need a lot of work- time to whip you into shape, if you are willing.”

Here is the rest of the conversation. Don’t ask how I determined what was said. I will never reveal my secrets…ever. I will die first.

In Ursus’ Mind: ” You Ninny, it is I, Defiance Tooth, and I feel your remorse for your improper actions. Are you ready to become a true hero, and submit to the standards of one?”

Looking down at his blade, Ursus says out loud: ” First, I am no ones Grandmother and Yes, I am ready two atune for my failings. To CrIsis, to my Bonded and to Khonsu. The one question there only is: are you ready to be in here with all that is me. There are times even I don’t like being in here, and it’s my MIND. As for shape, I can give you two, which one ya want?”

In Ursus’ Mind: “Your attempts at humor are not welcome. If you are truly ready, you must acknowledge that I will strike at only evil, and any of those Despicable Scaly Things. If you attempt to strike at anything not truly evil you will pay a price. If that is acceptable, stop using me as a training tool against these good folks, and use me only against DESPICABLE SCALY THINGS and evil.”

Still staring at his blade and talking out loud: ” I never attempt hoomor. That which I say is never meant as hoomor. I say what comes to my mind, others just find it hoomro-us. I apologize if you think it is hoomor. I will try and stop, but I can’t help what others feel and think. As too your entreaty, I hereby swear an oath to you, Defiance’ Tooth, in the name of Xerx’ses, that I shall never willingly strike at those that are not considered Evil and I shall willingly strike at those that are considered ‘Despicable Scaly Things’. OK the following is not meant as hoomorous. First Should I keep calling you ‘Defiance’ Tooth’ or are you known by another? Second, When you say ‘Despicable Scaly Things’ do you mean Flamers?[Readers Note: Flamers are Dragons to Ursus]”

In Ursus’ Mind: “You may refer to me as Mister Tooth; Flamers and their scaly cousins.”

” OK, MISTER TOOTH. Now Lettuce go kick some Evil ass and take some Flamer names. I am ready when you are.”

“Yes, let’s go. Find some true evil so we can be tested.”

With that last statement, Ursus, with renewed vigor and zeal in his eyes, looks around the Arena, waiting for combat to begin again. Several combatants go fleeing out the doors with much haste, as though they knew what was said. As they go, Ursus slumps his shoulders, not seeing or sensing targets worthy of his blade. With that he sheaths Mister Tooth and calls for his bag. The Elfin page, still quivering and clinging to the bag for his dear life, comes running at full pace to Ursus. Ursus calls down into this bag again, retrieving a large hunting axe, and bids the page his leave. He regains his stance, somehow looking more menacing with the axe wielded in a murderous fashion. Combat resumes and though his spot is taken a few more times, Ursus regains it for the last round, claiming a small victory over the Arena.

Tower, Mister Tooth & Book Cover drawn by AZ_RUNE

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