Ursus Renders an Apology

and channels something?

4th of Seha, Year 1 of the Rebirth

Most ReverendBishop TuTu,





It pleases Khonsu that a house of worship is being erected in his name in Credia.
It pleases Khonsu that his name is being spread across the land.
It pleases Khonsu if there were a PERSONALITY dedicated to spreading the word other than the Revenant Ursus , he has done well in that regard.
It pleases Khonsu that He has other matters of great import to effect.

OK, that was very strange. I was righting that last passage, but I wasn’t. It was as though someone or something else was in control. I recall righting it, but not really, as though it was a strange dream. I have only experienced this one other time, after consuming a rare beast of the north that is used in some of the rituals of my land. I have also tried to start this missive over again, but the words never come to me when I try. The feeling is very strong that the above words remain in this missive.




Anyway, on to the reason I wanted to right you about. Sincere apologies on behalf of all of CrIsis for not making you aware of our presence in Timiro. Sometimes we are very much on point, and have little time to make all of hour allies aware of hour location. Many of the members (especially Shiny Tiny) have expressed there regret in not knowing of your presence and meeting with you. Hopefully in the future we can keep tabs on all and meet, hopefully in realm before the afterlife.


One last item (this seems REALLY IMPORTANT for some reason); has a Gothi been anointed in the name of Khonsu?


Picture by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org


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