This is truly the end of the realm.


15th of Uk Sak, 2nd year of the Rebirth.


Your Eminence, Keegan Seárlas Cardinal Rearden, Archbishop of Khonsu



First please allow me to be apocolyptic for I realistic that this is my first correspondence with you since you have been elevatored to Cardinal. Congratulations Your Eminence, Archbishop of Khonsu.


I would like to disgust with you and task you with a projection, if you will humbly expect my tasking…I think I said that write…


I seek those that I consider my Kin, thirst because I wish to no more about them, seconds I wish two bring them out of the shadow of the Moon and attempt to converge them into the Church of Light. I think…know I FEEL…yes I FEEL that those of my Kin could & would be great allies in Our quest to rid this realm of TRUE evil, especially against a Colonel threat. While many may feel We are an ignoble species, their was a time that we were amongst the MOST feared Warriors, but we were WARRIORS none the less and their is some honor in that. We can not help how we were created and what deplorables was poured into our basket of conception. Howevers, We do have control of areselves noun. I have come across many stories of brutal and evil acts actributed to my Kin, BUTTS I KNOW that many of those stories have involved the truly despicable LYCAN, those disease ridden varmints should be hunted into existentialing…sorry, ranting their…I digest. Anyways, My Bonded and I examples our proof that my Kin can evolves. We have been reproductioning for many a…MU-LIN-E-NUM…that’s alot, I know it would take me a really, really, really long times to counts that high. With each new generalization, we have become more…awares?…of are impacts of the realms and those around us.


So, foretheir I wish that a message from me could be destructed, somehow or someway (not really sure of how or way), to as many of my Kin as possible. I realistics that very many, if not almost all, will not be able to reeds or rights, at least not as well as I, so I am not sure how’s to reaches them. I just know their is some way of doing it…


Hear is what I no of those of the Moon:


I no their our many amongst civil socials, I have…sensed?…them? They may have the most edumacation to receipts my message and they may have the most influenza amongst those that are less edumacated than Me.


Here is my Message in my Natural Language:

I, Ursus Actos, Bear of the Moon, seek thee, also borne of the Moon, My Lunar Kin. We have hid under the Shadow of the Moon and our false reputations long enough and shall be ashamed of whom We are no longer. We are a most Noble and Strong species, which shall take our place amongst the civilized. We have evolved beyond what our makers have created us to be. The proof is that We still exist. If We had not, We would not have borne progenies that carry on our legacies. While many amongst you may not know of Me and my escapades, I still seek thee to educate yourselves and become quite learned of the ways of the realm. This is not to BECOME like them, on the contrary, I implore you to develop your own place in this Realm and show that we are not our reputations or stereotypes. I do not ask you to follow my example, but to make your own example, for your scions and your Kin. I do share my example as a way of engendering you to my cause. I have met and foiled many TRUE EVIL beings. I have found my Life Mate and She will soon bear fruit from our love and compassion; I have already chronicled many lessons I have learned, in the hopes that they will not make the same mistakes as I. There is a driving force that has helped me to become worldlier, Faith. Faith in myself, Faith in my Bonded and the Children she soon bears for me, Faith in my adoptive Village, Faith in my fellow Members of CrIsis and Finally Faith in the Great Khonsu. This Faith has propelled me against the many tides of evil, prejudice and ignorance that sought to stop me. I implore you to seek Faith. Faith in yourselves, Faith in your kin, Faith in those you call Friends and Faith in a higher being. We shall not remain beings of mystery and conjecture. We shall overcome the prejudice and ignorance. We shall be known. We shall be Honorable. We shall be great again.

Again, I am most humble by this request, please accept it and move forward.


May Khonsu Bless you and Guide those of the Moon to his path,







Sent to Cardinal Rearden, in Sekti-Abtu, via His Holiness U’Selekma.

Cardinal Keegan picture from Wikipedia



9 Responses to “URSUS SEEKS HIS KIN

  • Make Werebeasts Great Again!

  • The concept is most honorable, but I don’t think most will be able to read- besides, I don’t think pigeons can be delivered by saying “Werebear- Somewhere in Northern Hinterlands”.
    I, as the one that gets to be the Cardinal, wonders how to please the most famous worshiper of Khonsu? After all, me and the 50 Khonsu worshipers are not enough to go and say to many werebeasts, “I hope you are one of the educated werecreatures that will not eat us.”

    • Ursus’ thought process was that this would make it into the books, then also be published or posted elsewhere (as he said “not really sure of how or way”). As a player, I foresee (or seefore) a grass roots/word of mouth transmission. The few that read & write, will come across those that don’t and pass the word. Of course, the few Khonsu worshipers could also pray for guidance and assistance. Ursus sure as Duat is.

  • By the way, a great DISGUSTING, Ursus!

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