How does anyone let a BearTaur spy on them?


4th of Vicheka, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.




First, I have rescued the Childs. Hopefully, this will keep Our Precious Predator from further malice towards any and all. I know that if I hadn’t been able to go do something about this I would have lashed out at anything. The female of our species are limitless in their protection of their young. So, again, i hope this finds you ALIVE & WELL.


Second, whilst on Our travels we have arrived in WhiteWater. We are here on a short layover while the Ship is being repaired. To help offset expenses Totem, Tosser and Shredder enacted strange and salacious performances. This eventually led almost all the patrons, regardless of race or creed, to engage in various “acts”. While I would NEVER, EVER, UNDER THREAT BY THE DEVILS METAL would I ever participate, however, I felt drained, physically and mentally by the rescue, and I am still a BearTaur…



…so I just sat there by the bar and drank, till they ran out. It is interesting what folk will say in an open place like this, of course it could have been my hearing, anyway, I have some observations, rumors and side-speak to pass along.


  • Rumors abound that your King is trying to ally himself with the Trolls.
  • There is MUCH discontent with all of Avramstown
  • Many feel Hoomans are influencing things in Avramstown over Wolfen interest
  • Reports and rumors that the Algor Psychic Tribe have headed south in search of the Lost Boyz.
  • Scar & Arn, Ax throwing Champs, have been defeated by Lightweight


I hope this is useful, You have done way more for me than I deserve, even if we ARE relation. Let Our Gorgeous Gallu know that I am fine and will make every effort to return to her arms. Give the Childs a good clawing for me.


Ursus Monstrum Actos

Sent to Tinor in Avramstown via Magic Eagle

All pictures previously credited within this website.



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