DANGER! DANGER! He is trying to impart wisdom AGAIN!

30th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

My Darling Beast,

I have some strange events to let you know about.





FIRST, I may not survive the onslaught of the City of the Dead and Mayor Fancy Pants. They seem to have special weapons to counter our ability to heal, at least while it is still embedded in our hides. Let me explain, while EmEm & me were scouting the walls, yes they have walls now, I was discovered, I made a tactile retreat, but was still struck by these demon arrows. I knew they were meant for me as not only did they pierce my hide, but they BURNED as well. IT was not until EmEm pulled them out did I then begin to heal the wounds but it was MUCH slower than usual. This is why I think I may not survive to see you and the Childs, But I must rid this scourge from the realm if WE are to have a chance at a life together, I can not run from this.

The first part is why I am sending this now and telling you about the second part;





While preppying for the scout mission, Totem tranced me so I could rest completely in mere moments, however I did dream a little dream about us and the Childs. The first part was you slappying me and asking why I wasn’t dere, I tried to splains, but you nose how I am with wordess. Anyways, The end of the dream was of me falling for ever, no big deal, but then there was an owl before I wakes straight up. The owl was familiar…VERY familiar…

It seems that last time we teletranspo’d there was this same owl figure in the middle of the transpo, but that is the strange part, we have NEVER seen anything withins the transpo. Recalling some gibberish Godly was spouting after and his story of rescueing Laval’liere’s brother from the GOBLIN KING. I fear He may be coming for all of CrIsis’ Childs. What he would want with Werebeast Childs I could not tell. So please be very weary of Owls, to be safe just kill any and all that you come across, it just may be the Goblin King. OH, and keep an eye out for goblins two.

I will break every wall and chain from here to Y-Oda to make it back to you and the Childs, but if I don’t know that I did all to make this realm suitable for our Family.

Be well my Family, all my love to you and May Khonsu Bless you,







Magic Pigeon letter sent to Ansa, at the Library of Bletherad.

Ansa & Jareth picture drawn by AZ_RUNE
Arrow pic from open sources



  • I love his family man approach to things, truly seems like he would be a good father, caring.

    Loved it.

  • Happy to have Ursus worry that his family is safe- shows his commitment.

    • He has always been committed…or is it HE should have been committed?

  • We’ll do our best to keep Ursus alive so he can return to Ansa and see his child. Would Ansa follow Ash’s path to darkness if Ursus was taken from her? I hope not but more importantly, I hope to never find out!

    • Always thinking of the erst of CrIsis…always.

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