This is only good news to Him.

30th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

Darling Mother of my Childs,

I dids it, I was able to procreate you’re Uncle’s Blessing of our Joinzing. Also he wants an incantation to are Joinzing. I sent one, but maybe a more official incantation to are joinzing from yous would be better.

Also, I have this discreet feeling that you may be upset with something that was sent to me by him, On his betwixt, I reflex you take it easy on him. As strong as the both of us together our, WE our not strong enough to match you’re strength. I am fully repaired to become a HUGE Family with You’re Uncle as the Patriarch. Once we all become Family, not even the Gods can beet are strength.

To my childs, fret not the ingrowns that Adults have. It is a sign of strong folks tryin to make each other strong. Week widowed folks never help each other, they just knuckle downunder and are weeker for it.

Be well my Family, all my love to you and May Khonsu Bless you,







Magic Pigeon letter sent to Ansa, at the Library of Bletherad.

Ansa picture drawn by AZ_RUNE



  • Bless Ursus and his incomparable spelling.
    I disagree, this was good news for all of CrIsis – a happy Ursus is a great thing

    • He WAS using his magic Quill…but even Magic has its limits…

      • Wait…”incomparable” or “incomprehensible”?

  • I have no idea what that advice to his child is supposed to be, but I hope he or she takes it to heart.

    • Knowing that the “Childs” will maybe someday read all the Books of CrIsis and all the pigeons from Him to Her and Vice-versa, he is trying to explain why Families argue and sometimes “Fight”.

  • I love how thoroughly he has embraced the language issues these are very fun to read!

    • Makes you wonder IF & WHEN he becomes a Demi-God, how his followers will “translate” his words…

  • Truly, reading his logs are always fun to read. Reminds me of the spelling of a few of my dnd 2nd ed players 😉

  • “Week widowed folk never help each other” (Ursusian Philosophy)

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