The wiser, more constrained, Ursus

4th of Tola, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


Monstrous Mother of my Childs,


I know I was just with you all, but it seems like an eternity since I laid my eyes on you beautiful beasts. I’m sure AuBeron & KolbJorn are growing fast, I know my sub-kin tends to, I don’t know about yours. Lightweight has graciously procured permanent lodging for You and the Childs, how to repay will be difficult as he is refusing to accept. Maybe with your better intelligence you would be able to conjure a way to repay the Prince.


One quick aside, I feel I have mended the relationship with Uncle, He actually HUGGED me as we parted in Avramstown. Soon I shall return you there, if you wish it.


Being a parent has become a reality now and it influences my daily actions. In the last few days, I have been instrumental in avoiding battles with potential adversaries…TWICE. If I wasn’t there to see it I wouldn’t have believed it. Up until very recently, I would have been the first to shred someone just for looking at Us sideways, but having transformed to a higher being and more importantly becoming responsible for more than just myself, has tempered my “lust for blood”…so to speak. I still lust for yours every minute of every hour of every day.


This brings me to a new fear that I have been feeling…


defiance-tooth-pic-verticalWhat…YOU actually FEAR something.




Watch it, Mr. I fear nothing except a certain Dragon God. If you ever had Childs you would know. Not like you’ve ever said a Fracking thing other then “KILL THE SCALYS, KILL THE SCALYS, KILL THE SCALY”. Yeah I know, learn to think outside this box your residing in. Anyway DARLING…as I was saying, I have this feeling that something will or has happened to our CHilds. While I am SURE it is just new parent jitters and there are TONS of folks that would die to protect our Childs, you & I being First amongst that lengthy list…I just can’t shake this nagging feeling…


Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you or upset you, but I have vowed to always be ever truthful to you and I am one of his word. So let me know everything is ok, ok?


Your Handsome Hellion

Sent to Ansa in the Library of Bletherad via Magic Eagle

Ansa & Mr. Tooth drawn by our own AZ_RUNE



  • I really hope that’s just his parental worry surfacing here, and not some demi-godly premonition. Those kids are supposed to be protected while we’re on this quest!

  • Protected from the Gods and minions of the Dark… There are other things that go bump in the night

    • IF…and that’s a big IF…IF “something” were to happen, The gods themselves wouldn’t be able to stop Ansa & Ursus from retrieving their Childs.

      • Well, Ursus, yes he could leave the quest otherwise he has to fulfill his duty having been elevated or risk hurting Khonsu’s worship as Indaris has inadvertently done to Isis.

        However, being accepted into the pantheon when you hurt one of them you are attacking Ra’s mandate. Things will be set in motion were such a “thing” to happen.

    • That’s not how it was phrased when it was said to us… just sayin’.

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