Verifying Suicide

Hoping For a Misunderstanding

Dear Holy Priest of Bast

I am writing to make sure there has been no mistake. Repairs will be finished on the 2nd of Kym-nark-mar, and the Western Empire craftsman and shipbuilders have done a miraculous job! We appreciated the note from the Reaper, and did actually party a bit! A few of our crew and I have made the long pilgrimage to Caer Itom and back to acquire the latest funds- it seems the Books of CrIsis have been quite a success! The monies we all got surely lifted the crew’s spirits.

Speaking of the spirits of the crew, we are gravely concerned! I am writing you hoping for a very quick reply, for while the majority of the crew is willing to lay down our life for CrIsis, we all would prefer to avoid a suicide mission.

Çynopolis has only one safe harbor, with only one dock. All the rest of the island is surrounded by dangerous reefs. Only one ship is allowed in, and it leaves the Western Empire at Caer Itom on the 1st of each month under heavy guard.

It would be suicide for us to go there, for the Shield of Light would be destroyed by their defenses before we made dock. We hope this was just a misunderstanding, but if we have not heard from you by the 7th of Kym-nark-mar we will make our way, and hope that the Gods of Light will protect us.

Worried, but willing to Die,


Sent on the 28th of Thoth.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.


5 Responses to “Verifying Suicide

  • Thank god Grignak sent that reply before we entered the pyramid!

  • Once this quest is done, we have to do something amazing for the core crew. Those that survive anyway.

  • I do so like the fact that Jershon is worried … but willing to die!

    • Jershon has been one of my favorite NPC’s to play- he has always tried to assist CrIsis, and would lay down his life for them!

  • I’m really glad his letter asking for clarification reached us. I know not all letters sent reach their mark. Missing this letter could’ve been disasterous.

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