View From Afar

“Do you think he will succeed M’Lady?” the hunched figured asked the lady. She stood there staring at the figures passing by. The world continued on without her. She paused staring at the frozen being of The Man as he touched the piece of the dead God. “His friends will be mad” she said with a nonchalance about her. “He calculates risk and makes choices to minimize the worst outcomes at the cost of friendships and feelings.” She stared into his eyes frozen in time. She reached out to tussle the wisp like hair of his only to have it dissipate in her hands. She blinked and the statue like wisps sprung to life. The Man cast his spell upon the piece and the rest of the events carried forward.

They watched silently. “Will he be able to beat the Necromancer?” he asked. “He will, but he will not be the same man anymore.” She waived her hand in a sweeping motion and the figures moved backwards in motion to the point where the man embraced his wife and son before leaving them. “They look so happy.” she whispered and she stared at them. A tear streaked across her face. “Come M’Lady let’s rest. He will fulfill his promise you will be with the one you love again.” She touched the wisp of The Man once more. “You are my only hope. Save me!” She turned and walked into the darkness.

Picture from Middle Earth Roleplaying Wiki.


6 Responses to “View From Afar

  • She now has an Igor, or an Eyegore… love it.

  • I am not sure I could write a death log like this from an existential 3rd person point of view very easily. Well done.

  • Who are all these people always writing about No Name!? I love the mystery.

    • The male voice this time is Artorias and the female voice is from the Soul trapped inside the Athanasia Spell. She is the first sinner.

  • Much portent in this log, shall it truly come to pass? We shall see…we shall see.

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