War is Ended

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Believers! Adherents of the Church of Light and Dark! Let it be known throughout Palladium that today the war is ended. Today, for the first time, we have peace. The conflict within the Church is ended. The last piece of Osiris on this plane of existence has been collected by CrIsis and ReSet has stepped down as an opposing force. Victory, long sought after by both sides in this conflict has at last come into view, and only an assault upon Hades itself remains in order to bring a balance back into the world.

After a contested landing, CrIsis made its way to the city of the dead. Seeing that the only two ways into the city were open conflict and subterfuge, for the first time CrIsis chose to expend resources in order to save life, even that life which had done its best to destroy not only the works of the Light, but the spirit and soul of it as well. CrIsis passed a night restlessly onboard the Shield of Light before walking around the outside of the city, avoiding conflict at the nearest gate.

Having circumnavigated the city, they proceeded to scale the city walls and enter, mostly, undetected. They passed through the outer city without tripping a single alarm. They avoided the guards on top of the inner city wall. When they arrived in the inner city, they disguised themselves as priests and followers of the dark, and in so doing said that they would not take innocent lives, no matter their creed.

The Dark answered in kind. They saw through the disguises, but they welcomed this, seeming, change that they allowed CrIsis to walk unhindered directly into the tower at the heart of Cynopolis. There, CrIsis did something else that they had not yet done with members of the dark, they talked. As usual, the dark accused CrIsis of killing innocents and general unkind and evil deeds, while hiding behind a veneer of innocence. Grignak called upon their repentance in this lie, as it isn’t true. While CrIsis has been treated as a continuing entity where new members are laid with the sins of those who have past, ReSet has accepted repentance every time their membership has changed.

Acknowledging the hit, an individual that some have called the Bishop of the Church of Light and Dark in Cynopolis handed Grignak a token which would have granted him safe passage from the city. It remained in his possession until it was donated to the Church of Light and Dark as a Holy Relic symbolizing the newfound peace when CrIsis reached Caer Itom. CrIsis was ushered up the lift to approach what all there thought would be their doom.

CrIsis went, nothing shirking. Confidence was much in evidence as they prepared and then entered the last field of battle for the Church of Light and Dark. The fighting was severe on both sides. ReSet had prepared much in advance of CrIsis’ arrival, relying upon their home advantage, and prepared circles to take the day. CrIsis stayed together and relied upon their true desires to end conflict to bring a resolution to the day.

Individuals began to fall. Tiny, Heebo, Lagram, Figbit, and others. Blood was spilled on that holy ground. Seeing that this conflict would hurt both the Church of Light and the Church of Dark, Grignak enacted a plan to end the conflict. He stepped from one end of that coliseum of hate to the other, grabbed the hand of Osiris, and stepped out of conflict. The will of the opposing force quickly broke as they no longer had that which they thought to deny Osiris, and conflict ended.

Those who could be were revived. Those who could not be were mourned.

Let all know, from this day forth, there is no division. Today, we are not the church of light or the church of dark. Today we are brothers, united, whole. We have seen a force assembled in the name of the gods of light that has shown little remorse and less compunction to destroy its enemies. We have seen a force assembled for the gods of dark that showed restraint.

Today, we are all representatives of the Church of Light AND Dark. Today we are strength and compassion. today we are selfish and giving. Today we end this and forgive ALL trespasses against us by our neighbors. Today we forgive our brothers.

For today we are one.

Priest of Light and Dark,
Priest of CrIsis.


8 Responses to “War is Ended

  • Well worded, and quite the unifying speech.

  • The church needed this. This is why Ggignak will one day be the Pontiff.

  • Yes, Ggignak will one day be pontiff- or Grignak will!
    Very unifying, and continues the very not your father’s CrIsis theme- well done!

    • Not your Father’s CrIsis…How long have we be doing this anyway???

  • and wouldn’t that be a thorn in the eye of a lot of people when he does, a troll as the spokesperson for the church of light and dark. Slaves will be revolting everywhere hehe.

  • This was a well thought and very moving speech/letter. I had actual chills from reading it. Well spoken Guardian.

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