We Must Be Strong

To my beloved fiance, Nara,

This missive is actually being sent by Bast as I begin a prayer in the middle of a battle!

I apologize, when Malkin asked if I wanted to see you at a dinner very recently I nearly jumped saying “yes indeed.” However, I am sure between counseling by Bishop Tutu and your own introspection to help with your healing you probably decided to stay in Credia. It was selfish of me to ask and potentially make you stress about your answer to such a question. When you next see us on Horus Day you owe a big debt of gratitude to the Oathkeeper and the Revenant of Khonsu.

You will soon hear about a battle between the “Keeper of Oaths” and the “Depravity of Murder”, where Xerx’ses kills Bes. Unfortunately, then I believe I died when the temple fell down after Bes exploded! Ursus saved my body from the collapse and then Xerx’ses carried me with him until he got back to the Shield Of Light and brought me back to life! I was so grateful to see his huge smiling face make the joke, “Hello Handsome. You don’t look like an elf.” Turns out my albeit brief replacement was an elf named, Merkl and he seemed to be good with knives and juggling. You know after watching Xerx’ses rise from obscurity to where he is, nothing the Gods of Light toss our way is a surprise anymore.

When I had gotten back to my cabin passing countless well wishes from among the Timirian crew. I must have blessed 10 sailors between the Minotaur’s cabin and mine. Alas, my replacement had put all of my belongings in the hold below. Captain Jershon was kind enough to spare four men to help me retrieve everything in one go of it.

It was not longer after getting settled again a call came out from Ursus about a pigeon he had received. After much debate, we decided to avoid the naval blockade especially after a divine warning from, Bast, herself. We made a course correection to the island of Y-Oda and the Library of Bletherad. Upon which was the object of our bear’s heart and lamentation, the beloved Ansa.

As though Ursus’ trouble he had experienced with his future wife had infected some among the core crew. Annie and Kom’var were having a bit of a lovers spat. It would seem that when Annie got upset at Eyes for winning Xerx’ses as hers.

If she only knew how much farther she must go to truly say she has won a place in his heart. So far that honor belongs to one that took it by force, a warrior that found her match.

Kom’var asked her why she was upset and so she told him once again about the moment Xerx’ses saved her. To which Kom’var asked, “Did I fail in some way to be a sufficient replica of my older, spell-making brother? Am I not real enough for you?” Kom’var has asked to be left alone for a few days and Annie is beside herself. Poor girl never thought about the relationship between Xerx’ses and Kom’var. I can honestly say she loves him and the living spell he is does his best to “love” her as his brief year of life allows him to understand. He is very much a reminder of the time before Xerx’ses became a Demigod. Kom’var loves his creator but is aware that the Golden Minotaur and he are so different now. He wonders if he is inferior from time to time because he is not “whole” yet? Because he does not have a soul of his own. Xerx’ses made him for many reasons, one that almost never gets mentioned is Xerx’ses’ desire to have a brother once more. I see the Golden One asking at least once a day to random crew on how Kom’var is doing. What pains him now is having to stand by and watch Kom’var learn how to deal with love and loss. I have given the young, spellborn, Minotaur a ray of hope. If he hurts at seeing the fallibility of a friend or lover then that is indeed a sign he is developing a soul of his very own! I am going to have to introduce him to No Name soon, because he has decided to take Khonsu as his chosen deity! Such a departure from his creator is a clear indication he is becoming his own person. I have counseled him to accept that people make mistakes and communicate his concerns to Annie in a way that doesn’t ignore his hurt, but doesn’t make Annie out to be a villain. If he has problems I told him I would help them both work through this misunderstanding.

It took a day but we managed to arrive upon the evening of the 27th of Majestic. Given how much the Library is mentioned within the Books of CrIsis we should not have been surprised that visits to the island would have increased enough to be greeted by both Pro and Anti CrIsis Groups with the friendly, Wolfen monk, Rrgrllaph, in between them. He ushered our group through to see the Keeper of the Library. It took a minute to convince those that were new to the Library to come along, but it did happen. The golden one was worried he would not be able to go inside. Well they made that easy as we entered an adjacent area journeying to meet the Keeper. Here we were given the ultimatum of accepting the protection of the Wolfen Empire during our stay, or we leave then and now. While hotly debated, we finally decided to accept because they were not asking us to shift loyalties, but a such a stunt to repair a wound they felt a prior incarnation of CrIsis inflicted via our current roster when CrIsis tied themselves to the only kingdom of the light not embroiled in international war.

Malkin eventually arrives and Xerx’ses shares that Bes told him ReSet has two pieces now. Which is explained by finding out the Guardians of Bletherad are no more and have been captured, then tortured or slain. Only Malkin and Ondemeira the White survive, unscathed, as former members of that heroic group. The information the dark has gleaned from their victims is how to acquire the Kidney of Osiris. This bodes ill because we need to be in the Western Empire by Selestra the 21st, also known as the Day of the Sun God, Ra. In hopes of trying to re-acquire Osiris’ Left Hand.

Word also came regarding the return of Lictalon the Great, lost wizard of the Chaos Wars and former ruler of Hades! If stories of this fabled hero are to be believed. Then he seems to have taken over the island of Phi! Dream did a psychic power and saw a friend of his treated like a slave on some kind of wheel, but to what end remains a mystery. How does a hero such as one that helped to put the Old Ones to slumber become a tyrant? Part of me wonders if this is an impostor of the Archwizard Supreme of all Palladium?

Heroes are forged and it seems the heat of creation be scalding our backsides. For to reacquire our promise made destination of Bizantium, the route would have us travel around the “Horn” of the Land of the Damned to arrive between the 1st of Ra to the 21st of Thoth in hopes of honoring the promise we made on the “Oathkeeper” to help Redbeard stop the Iceborn and Terosh! Somewhere admist all of that we still need to check in with Sulyott the All-Knowing in Terrellia to find out how we save/help Sir Derrick. Every single day feels like a race between us, an hourglass, and can we teleport there? I feel bad for Xerx’ses, as he’s become the transport machination of the group. No one on the Shield of Light, with possible exceptions of Dream and myself really talk to him casually. It is mostly paraphrased as, “How much energy do you have and what do I need to give you to go to – X location? How long do you need to rest so we can go to – X location? Okay gang, while he is resting the rest of us can do X things.” Understand I am not trying to throw shade at the other members of the crew or CrIsis, because I am sure of one thing – we’re so rushed we do this to each other in turn – just on differing topics.

Take No Name’s and Dream’s sauna project on the ship. Until recently I had no idea they were building it themselves, much less why they were doing so. It seems they are trying to find some connection to the days when both of them did not have supernatural abilities. To remember the value of simple work and how important something is to be built with your hands. I can see its value but I feel one must also remember that crafting magic is such a skill. Among CrIsis currently, Xerx’ses, had to study for years to learn magic, much like learning to be a carpenter. Within our current roster all of the rest of us had our powers bestowed or born with them, so I can see how the rest of everyone feels you can take things for granted by using and not respecting your origins. I do not think Xerx’ses takes his powers for granted – however I am fairly certain the rest of us do. I am certainly guilty of such a thing in my time. This however, cheapens the years, trials, and errors spent studying to become a wizard for Xerx’ses. When we were at No Name’s farm the Golden Minotaur never tried to use magic and toiled in the fields using his knowledge of excavation to create better ways to water crops. He shared the knowledge freely among the workers. I still laugh watching him carry wagons when they were to slow for him! He even made the amulets he enchanted for Silent Dream by hand under the instruction of the farm hands. I tried to ask him about it and all he said was, “If they are happy then let them find that happiness any way they wish. At least they seek happiness in creating something to the betterment of others.” I need to figure out a way to bring up that we have grown complacent as a group with each other that we are all taking each other for granted by that complacency.

That night at Malkin’s we don’t do anything, much less dinner, without making a spectacle of it. This one spectacle was among the few I am honored to be a part of though! Despite communions with the Heavens, Psychic prognostication, and Chants of the Future it ultimately came down to No Name making Bes’ body whole, minus what the Dickripper tore off. Then I performed the resurrection of a GOD! Followed up through the use of a special prayer to purged his soul of evil once and for all! Next, Bast, shows up to welcome him back home, and the best part? We made Malkin speechless! Ansa and Ursus disappeared for what everyone can guess was about to happen, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

Upon the morning of the 28th of Majestic (yesterday as I jot this down) some wanker decided to try and make an illusion of 10 Eastern war ships to try and restart the war. Hundreds of Wolfen were ready to honor their promise to defend our band of Holy Misfits, and I saw Xerx’ses walking calmly down to the docks dress in his raiment. From the distance his face looked resigned and a sigh was had. Not a minute later, many among the Wolfen and our group noticed it was an illusion. Silent Dream mentioned to their commander the perpetrator was likely close by. They said they were looking into it abruptly and he returned to the group.

Xerx’ses strolled down to the Shield of Light and went to rest in his cabin, stopping by Kom’var to thank him for relaying messages for him via Callandor. Silent Dream went to spend the day in the Great Library, while Grignak went shopping. He ended up dipping into the group funds for replacing his swords. Given the powers of all of our weapons I am surprised he didn’t have to give up an arm or a leg! One magic longsword he got is invisible just like the flail of Azariel when he was with us! The other weapon required him to rouse Xerx’ses from his rest and they went together back to the shop. The shop keeper was stunned to meet a real Demigod and offered some kind of amazing deal to be paid off in person in one year for a “Wooden Rune Sword” – Trigom the Chaotic! Xerx’ses was more excited about the acquisition than Grignak and seemed to feel it was worth the small interruption to his rest. I am going to have to get a much clearer picture about what he knows about rune weapons? The stories and details he spouts off about them suggests a deep and successful study of the most powerful arcane weapons the world has ever seen. The generous and dichotomous, No Name, visited the family of Kobold farmers a few hours outside of town. That night we had dinner once more with Malkin and Xerx’ses brought Eyes along to spend time with her that evening. However, unlike Ursus and Ansa, he kept his promise to his wife and they retired to separate rooms. All the time they spent together that evening and they were never out of public view. Just to be clear I am also not besmirching our lovely bear-maiden or her husky groom. They are just not bound by certain promises that the Golden One has taken upon himself. This record should merely reflect he is keeping us his end of the deal and “should” he waiver I’ll flog him back on the right path. I know I seem to be kinda of spying on everyone, but sometimes its just fun and insightful to watch those around you. Besides one Overkill was enough and I’ll be damned if I let Xerx’ses become some callous, wanton Lothario.

Well today is the 29th of Majestic and we have just teleported off to find and fight Steve the Necromancer, and landed among a bunch of aimless, wandering, walking dead. I’ll write more later as Oathbringer cries out to smite the unclean!

May the blessings of Isis be upon thee my sweet,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,


Sent on the 29th of Majestic in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


9 Responses to “We Must Be Strong

  • I really do like the pic of steve

  • Glad you can still do a good official log while still inserting your personality in!

  • Lol, glad you noticed, but it is to be a bit expected as Xerx’ses is a Demigod of the Pantheon of Light now, and in Indaris’s eyes the other last man standing. Everyone else has seemed ephemeral since Overkill died and Azariel left and Indaris doesn’t want to get to close to the others as he thinks that death is what awaits them too. Even Nara isn’t the same Nara anymore.

    • That’s such a sad way to live, being afraid to make any new connections because death has severed almost all of his old ones. Everyone dies eventually. He doesn’t have to connect with us, but Nara…? Someday she may be gone, but that day isn’t today. I hope Indaris can eventually see that he should worry less about her eventual death and appreciate that she’s alive now – before it’s too late.

      • If everyone stays a live it would certainly help 😉

  • I think the sauna project is less about finding a connection to the days before our powers and more about finding a connection to each other – both in its construction and once it’s operational. That’s how Dream sees it anyway.

  • Very moving log, it has elicited some introspection for this player, for sure.


  • Well spoken, Indaris. Nice pics throughout as well.

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