Western Woes

I Miss You

My Darling,

Welcome to the Priesthood! I hope to hear about your initiation, and long for your touch! Thank you so much for your letter- I know you are true!

We have been very busy here- your name is on everyone’s lips that come in, yet all I wish for are your lips.

I long to serve my love- how can I help you and the others in CrIsis? I feel lost without purpose, and wish to do what I can to help you!

On the war, there is little to tell. Some minor skirmishes, but lines on both sides have held. I feel it is just the calm before a major storm, but I do not know why.

I must recant a minor occurrence that may have interest to you. A man, weary from years of struggle, insisted on a session with only me. The session itself was not unusual, but his smile at all moments was. He told me his name at the end, and said that with Your help the Reaper would soon triumph. After that all would be on its way to balance. Does that mean anything to you? Please let me know.

Awaiting word on how I may assist the one I love!
Forever in Bast,


Sent on the 29th of Corg in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas to his His Holiness, who forwarded it to Grignak.



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5 Responses to “Western Woes

  • Pretty uplifting response for Grignak and everything else.

  • Booty call, wrapped in a offer of assistance, with a splash of “Oh By the Way, this guy needed something”

  • I don’t know yet if it’s good or bad that our allies are congregating together.

  • I am beginning to really like Kat….

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