What The Hades Was THAT!!

It was the 26th of Majestic and a happy Yuletide was sitting up in the other crows nest and working with some of the riggers doing maintenance on the sails and ropes after having arrived in the Haven docks. ‘Oh please, let us stay here for a few days before CrIsis departs and we go face pirates, sea monsters, leviathans of the deep, lobster men, oh I could go on, sheesh!’

Yuletide relaxed because this port has been fairly friendly to CrIsis consider everything. Musing to himself, ‘Really, how could they not be friendly since Admiral Xerx’ses walked off the Shield of Light without any form of disguise! The world really has changed since the Lopanic Games, that’s for sure.’

Eyes was waving to him telling him to come back safely. Yuletide was frowning watching that remembering how much money he lost to Honeysuckle over the bet between Eyes and Annie. He tried arguing with Honey about the fact that Kom’var was copy of the Admiral and therefore still counted. He had that black-eye for a week proving her point. Still Eyes looked happier than he had ever seen her before. Her hair being done straight now helped a lot with that.

About an hour later people were talking about how CrIsis stopped to play “CrIsis & ReSet” with a bunch of kids dressed up like them! The crew was under Attel’s watchful eye getting tasks done and supplies restocked and anything we might have been carrying delivered. All except for a special package for the Bishop that was being carried by Grignak, personally. Yuletide wondered how much people might pay to have CrIsis deliver a package for them? Still it was an interesting time he lived in seeing such changes in how ports changed after CrIsis had swept through. Now that it was getting to “for better” as to “for worse” things had begun shaping up a great deal for them. Still he knew that the lot of them were heading north soon and another naval battle was waiting them when they got there.

‘Ugh, why am I fretting about a future that may never get here? That’s just not helpful,’ contemplated the look-out. The next several hours went by uneventfully and no stories were heard about a festival being thrown for CrIsis. Yuletide was beginning to wonder where the Captain and them had gone. Last time this happened they fought the god, Kirgi. Gods only know what they were getting up to now.




Yuletide’s head was whipped around to the north side of the river by the sound, ‘WHAT THE HADES WAS THAT?’

Water is known for carrying noise across it among sailors, but this explosion was something on another level altogether! The cloud of smoke rising from New Haven was nearly 150ft in the air and almost 300 feet wide! As Yuletide looked it showed no signs of getting smaller or dissipating, ‘HEY ATTEL I THINK I FOUND OUT WHERE THE CAPTAIN AND CRISIS WENT!!’ The ship rocked a bit as all the hands on deck all ran over to get a better look. Attel began barking orders to make sure they weren’t caught unaware further.

Soon people began fleeing from the explosion screaming that the God Bes had been killed by Xerx’ses!!!

Wait WHAT??!!??

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org

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