Who is Painting the Picture of War

Dear Father Philip
I send this letter as confused or moreso then before. Do we pursue peace to the point of idiocy and detriment of all those who are good, war is coming, if not already here, yet I helped save The Emperor of the Dark Kingdom, Itomas himself. The Middle Kingdoms declared themselves for the dark, and Itomas hasn’t declared himself for the light yet still constructs Wards of Mass Demon summonings (blackships), which the Western Empire signed a treaty not to build yet I’m still hoping he will stick to a peaceful treaty. Who is more the fool, the fool himself or the ones that follow him. If this was a painting it would be more abstract then a chaos elemental peeing in a bucket of chaos and the smearing it across some parchment made from the skin of a chaos dragon. I even had a picture in mind that describes in perfect detail everything going on.

Did I mention I was confused, especially by the “peace” talks.

Poor old Rogtilde was Injured in the battle with the strange ship (these i will investigate when i get the time) and we needed to get him to dry dock as soon as possible, so we docked at New Crests for repairs.

When we arrived we were blessed with a new companion, a monk it looked like, and I met him coming out of Xerx’ses room looking a little red cheeked and with his clothes a little out of place, and Xerx’ses was definitely looking, erm, excited and Introduced Brother Larry. Brother Larry was very very polite and talked . . a lot. I have sat through sermons from the most boring priests we know yet when Larry was talking my brain shut down even though it was saying this is important information, i think Brother Larry could make it big in the as a Professor at the University of Credia. After this No Name expressed an interest in going to gather some information from the other ships in the place or the dockside Taverns, as I didn’t want him to go alone I went with him while others went out looking for more information (and they found Bishop Rose surprisingly enough).

No Name wandered down the docks a bit and after deciding not to invade and sink the western ships naturally found a tavern, though it catered to westerners. I used a little magic to help us talk the language and we wandered in, and what a nest of scorpions it was. I was so tempted to carpet of adhesion everybody to the bar, but i didn’t.

We spent a few hours put the patrons at ease and wait for the strong alcohol to loosen their tongues, and loosen it indeed did do, we found out that there was going to be a very important official from the western empire about and he was likely to be deprived of a few privileges (like breathing).
After this we returned for some rest and found out from the crew that Master Xerx’ses had been fairly frolicsome with said monk. Apparently all elves look female to non-elves

I chuckled to myself and thought if poor old Naive Xerx’ses knows the difference between a man elf and a woman elf and couldn’t stop myself from laughing, but rest was out of the question, from our information gathering we had found out, and had been asked to help out with the peace talks between the countries, and I agreed, thinking that any assassination of another countries leader in the Eastern Territories would cause a lot of grief, so we decided to help, it was a crazy time with everyone doing their bit to check for assassins, but Hannah pre-empted them by spicing the food up a bit, which the Assassins tried as their first attempt, and then because of her sharp eyes the attempt was foiled as she found the poison so they fell back to less subtle means

which also failed. This had however strained the peace talks to breaking point, and at first we thought to try to help, and we debated the pro’s and con’s of each country but then decided the whole thing was a farce and even more brilliantly decided that these countries have advanced targeting systems designed to hit small targets, I mean well trained diplomats whose job this actually was. I wouldn’t expect them to do my job, so me doing theirs while they were there was just silly. So in the end I helped save Itomas, but the peace talks failed. How much I will regret that action in the future is to be shown.

Written by Indaris Excellar on the night of the 21’st

Chaos by Kleberly wallpapers.
Pirate Tavern by Georgi Markov.
Smouldering Look from larry to xerxses fromThe Hobbit.
Caesar Salad Assassins from Wikipedia.


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