Who Takes Bishop?

Tutu as Chess Piece


I need your help urgently! I fear that something horrible has befallen Bishop Tutu! His Holiness, U’Selekma, knowing of our relationship, has asked me to beg for your assistance. I had let him know you were heading to Timiro.

Bishop Tutu is not dead- of that I am assured. When one of the bishops, or the pontiff, passes, we feel it. However, no matter what method I, U’Selekma, or Father Lamriel, use, he does not respond. It is as if he has gone to another realm!

The last we had heard from him he was to meet with Lady Daera Kaze, accompanying King Gedro of the Timiro Kingdom. The lady has been traveling the civilized kingdoms, airing the Middle Kingdoms grievances with Emperor Itomas and the Western Empire government. She had also visited Wisdom, and I heard her out along with the Dominion Council, a few weeks ago, on Majestic 20th. She claims to have evidence that justifies her claim that she and her brother, the Overlord of the Middle Kingdoms, should have an independent kingdom. Of course, this woman also thinks that she and her brother are also divine! She of course would not share this so-called proof. She asked to use Llornian mercenaries, and Mistoan Knights, and offered to pay handsomely for them. All we gave her was a promise of non-interference.

I was glad that Thabu had joined me on the trip- there is evil power in that woman. One of her warrior priests also disturbed me, but I could not read him, nor could Thabu. This seems to be an eerie coincidence, but I sense evil afoot.

The message from Bishop Tutu to U’Selekma was dated 5 days ago, on the 21st of Corg. Since then, magic pigeons, telepathy, magic sendings- all attempts by all of us have failed. Father Lamriel, who has been working tirelessly for peace in the Western Empire, assures us that Lady Daera has left Credia, and is making her way back home. He has sent messengers to King Gedro, as have I. His Holiness, U’Selekma, has reached out to other priests in Timiro. They all say that Bishop Tutu simply vanished, without a trace. A representative of the King, who also has not been seen in days, has stated that the Bishop was visiting Enry Island, and even produced a ship’s manifest saying he was on board. That does not explain why he does not answer, however.

I also request that you follow up on rumors that the ruler of Llorn, Duke VasPasseon, has become anti-religion.

There seems to be much happening that is most disturbing. I fear the forces of darkness are heavily at work all through Palladium. Tread carefully. Find what happened to our friend Bishop Tutu. I hope that you do not need to save his life in repayment for his saving of yours.

Ever Faithfully,
Bishop Rose Nodeki
Message sent on the 26th of Corg, in the 342nd year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture by Tony Rubino.

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