Who Will Remember Asher?

A Clown’s Lament


Its been days but we took down a Dragon and although he paid his respects to our power, he have no indication that he was sorry for his murderous behavior that cost Asher his life. Like Father Indaris , I am angry that one that I have grown to appreciate and perhaps love is now in the belly of a beast. No item of his can replace the joy that the jolly old kobold could give. I keep reflecting upon our time when he was a moose and I was an… ass(?). I have to admit that I sometimes gave him the business. Jarvis, I thought that I could be stronger than I am. Thoth said that there would be wins and losses but I didn’t think that it would be so painful and leaves a bitter taste in my sweet tooth. I wish that I could say that I have seen the faces of Xerx’ses or Ja’Deir but I have been too broken up about it. Have you ever seen a sad clown?

When we took down the dragon it was my gambit that started a whole array of attacks. That beast had just bitten the old geezer in half and was finishing him off when we arrived. I had previously shown fear and was pants-less (I am sure that you are not surprised) when we arrived to a scene where the kobold had raced to fight a dragon alone. Along the way our Juggernaut had raced off to catch him in his blind race to meet the beast alone only to take the wrong fork in the road and get himself captured.

My blow was the first; an anvil from the sky struck the beast just after he attempted to leave and head for the skies. Dropped that stupid lizard like a bag of hammers with a thunderous crash. I think that he did a somersault before he dived out of the sky like a falling star. Trees shattered upon impact but there he was unconscious. I might of not had pants on at the time but he didn’t have a conscious means to defend himself and he was going to learn never (ever) mess with CrIsis.

From behind us came the kobold ragtag group that had captured our Raulf calling his name like he was a friend or lord of the area. I summoned rings that I aimed to throw over the beasts mouth but realized that they were too small. Dropping that move I summoned arrows that I would use only to watch the beast come conscious and disappear. They had not been out cold even for 15 seconds when he disappeared. The Wolfen quickly took care of the kobold and I had not laid one shot for vengeance. That night I cried silent tears I had nothing to show that I had made an effort. Perhaps history will recall these events as the clown who was not fast enough. Perhaps even in a thousand years I will be known as the archer who never fired a single shot.

I would love to laugh right now; as funny as it is to be pants-less shooting arrows and magic is. When I caused a black ship to leave in the wrong direction, I laughed. When I met Mangy Carl I laughed. When I meet the Pontiff U’Selekma I… well I have a lot of respect for that guy. I have laughed a lot even through hard times but this has been perhaps the hardest; not physical mind you but the hardest none the less.

When the dragon turned up with the old kobolds wares, my friends quickly collected his gear to be their own unaware that I had asked for none. I have nothing to bury him by or to remember him by either. I will miss him perhaps the most of all CrIsis. Perhaps this is what is was like to miss Overkill when he died. He got a funeral and a period of morning. What will Asher get?

Smell ya later,


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