Words of Brotherly Wisdom

If You Really Are Coming


No sister of mine should be in a plural marriage, much less to a bleeping Minotaur! However, I know better than to change your stubborn mind, so I will give you some warnings and words of advice.

Why are you hanging around with a bunch of god-fearing Goody-Two-Shoes? Oh yes, the advice… but really, what the hell?

I am adding a map to this pigeon, so that you have one. Please make sure you avoid the shaded areas, for there are rumors of CrIsis returning there, and you may be recognized. An acquaintance just left with a number of some of the nastiest cutthroats around to go after CrIsis, with some fanfare. Three warships loaded for killing- the group you are with has a hefty price on your head.

Quite frankly, if you were not interested in marrying one I would try and get the reward myself, but blood is thicker than money, and my business of weapon selling and acquiring is doing quite well!

I will provide you a guide and protection, at cost, but you must do your part- as in look the part. You must show up here looking like the toughest bitch ever- and no damn finery. Kill someone as soon as you arrive, or at least beat them senseless. Might makes right here! Also, remember, since you have been gone so long- this is the desert! Dress appropriately.

Let me know the date you plan to arrive, so I can prepare. You will be able to leave in 48 hours or less upon arrival.

Your Brother
Mat Mondo

Sent the 29th of Majestic.


6 Responses to “Words of Brotherly Wisdom

  • Well that was a better reply than I expected her to receive! I’m not sure if the crew can avoid who or what ever is coming after them, but at least she can give them some warning.

  • For those that have siblings; Her Brother seems much more condescending than I ever remember my Sister being.

    • I don’t know, I think he sounds pretty cordial… for an Elf.

      • Yeah he had the required amount of disdain for someone hearing their sister was dating a spawn of the Old Ones. Seems sketchy but decent depending on the topic. I like him.

      • He’s never approved of Aylene’s boyfriends. It’s one of the factors for their falling-out.

  • I wonder how long it will take the three warships with “some of the nastiest cutthroats around” to reach the Shield of Light? This note was shared with Jershon so he should be expecting this, if and when they catch up to him.

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