Would You Look At That! It Worked!

~ The night of the 24th of RA ~

After Grignak lays down to sleep he feels like someone just hit him with a bolt of lightning! Upon leaping to his feet and wincing in pain the Troll looks around and sees what looks to be several pyramids in the distance. Looking around he sees Xerx’ses talking with a number of races working on what appears to be a smaller pyramid about 100 feet per side. The Minotaur Godling turns his head and smiles seeing his friend. Something is very different as this Xerx’ses is about 15 feet tall!

“Would you look at that! It worked,” exclaimed Xerx’ses as he came up and hugged Grignak.

A warm golden light spills over the Troll healing him completely as he continues, “I am sorry that hurt you but I am learning the way I will communicate to worshipers, followers, you guys. Oh, I can’t stay long because I have meetings with teachers back at the Tri Arcanum but when I come here I can directly reach out. I can also do it using an astral realm…”

Xerx’ses looks sheepish, “Rambling will be the death of me someday, as to the reason I pulled you here.”

Xerx’ses hands him a yellow canvas bag rather sturdy and asks him to remove six scrolls. Once that is done he hands it to a Ramen and asks him to deliver the rest to the Pontiff and Professor Malkin. The Ramen touches some of the golden jewelry he wears and vanishes.

“These are a gift from Lictalon. We spoke and and nearly fought over his reluctance to share his plans for the world with me. He is absolutely the hero of old. He was testing me to make sure I had the same drive he did when choosing to face the ancient evils of his time. I learned a my first specific godly power! I can convert scrolls with near ease! So Magic Pigeon scrolls were being eaten by Magic Hawk scrolls which just destroyed the message. Now we have Magic Eagle scrolls! They deliver the message as before but can defend themselves from attackers and harmful magics! Those six are for CrIsis and when you use it I am charged with making sure all of you get resupplied. Oh funny story, Thoth said someone tried to make Magic Dragon scrolls but Zandragal ate them for the notion of thinking of dragons as messengers!”

He starts laughing and then stares off into the distance, “My time is up, say hi to everyone for me and good luck I’m always watching when I can.”

Another bolt of golden lightning and Grignak wakes up holding six scrolls with Xerx’ses’ sigil and a single silver rune of some kind on the top right corner.


All art by AZ_Rune Art.


9 Responses to “Would You Look At That! It Worked!

  • Poor Grignak, what a way to wake up! Congratulations all on the Eagles!
    Love the lightning angle…. Zeus Jr.

  • Dragon message scrolls, I like that idea.

    • Yeah, to bad they were all eaten. Good luck getting those back. And you thought what came out the backside of Ursus was bad.

  • Xerx’ses has an Astral realm now, too? Is there no limit to what he can do?

  • I won’t know if we don’t play the game after this one.

  • Always good to get a helping hand from former members, I guess that is one of their roles in the After-CrISis-Life, right Rell?

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