Xerx’ses Goldenhorn ~ The War Wizard

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Ondemeira the White.
| At the castle of King Guy the First
| in the city of Credia. This has also been
| sent to Luur’na.
| At the caverns of the Serinan Tribe
| in the Baalgor Rocky Desert.

Dear Lady Torchwood and Luur’na,

~ The 12th of THOTH ~

Names like ones that describe you truly bear a weight about them. I was beginning to see that I was a beacon in the world and had to consciously watch myself to make sure I always tried to put the best foot forward for “ALL” monster races looking to stand in the “Light of Ra” with other good folk. Being the Grand Champion of the Lopanic Games, there would be a much larger audience that would listen to me. I walked to the Temple of the Isis and gave them the Giant-Sized, Dwarven-made Cutlass I had won the dueling with so they may auction it off and raise money for the Church of Light. Using a metal stylist and Strength of Utgard-Loki Spell I engraved my name in bell shaped hand-guard.

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn

From there I headed back to the “Turnip & Time” tent where the CrIsis career as food merchants had been cut short, thank the heavens! Once everyone had gotten back I was in my mologoth hide robe, with my short-folk clothing, now cleaned, put away. I asked them about staying a month for training to acquire further magic. I explained and extol the virtues of the ‘Talisman Spell’ which is the more powerful of the two I was to learn. Master Azariel mentioned he could make use of the time to begin some of his preliminary training as an Alchemist!!! There was valid concerns about making sure we adhered to Lord of Wisdom’s advice to leave as soon as possible. However, our brunch with the Defilers had informed us that whenever Xar-Xar or the others had to learn magic they were allowed to do so. Everyone agreed this was one of those times.

Next, I brought out the extra ‘Leaf Blanket of Healing’ I had received for winning two events. When I offered it to the group Master-Sister Caminata’s eyes about leap out of her head in amazement! She checked to make sure no one else wanted it and I presented it to her. Her shrieks were so loud I was sure everyone heard her say how much she loved it and thanking me. For some reason I see the glares of more men directed my way though they will be unwarranted. You know Luur’na traveling around like this leaves no time for a social life for me. Could I ask you for a favor? If I live through this would you and Zeelik help me find someone that might want me as a lifemate. I am no longer “un-tested” in that category but my social skills are often horrible and blunt. Also given the last week’s multiple assassination attempts on me I am living in an ‘active war’ environment it will take time to acclimate myself to a normal life, I think?

It was decided that after Masters Overkill, Indaris, and Asher were ready they were headed back to Sekti-Abtu and get Rogtilda, and her new crew ready for our arrival.

~ The 13th of THOTH ~

I was the first in line at ‘Gabriel’s Alchemy’ using my Hooman Metamorphosis Amulet and Elvish Traveler’s attire. Master-Alchemist Gabriel saw my face and he smirked telling me to come inside and he would get me set up in the back to begin with transcribing the spell theories and formula. The back of his tent was HUGE!!!!! half the size of the smallest stadium in Lopania!!!!!! After he closed up for the day he reviewed my notes and seemed impressed as to the obvious, yet fluid organization of my work. When I told him the tomes I had studied from were Dwarven he just nodded. Then we got into his notes on the Escape and Talisman Spells.

~ The 14th of THOTH to the 30th of THOTH ~

I slept most of the day and really I saw the Knights of the Dawn and Soldiers of the Torch more than my friends. Apparently Master Asher was spending a week in meditation among the druids. Master-Sister Caminata was learning from Devacious, the Supreme Druid, of Palladium! I can only assume Master Azariel was learning the rudimentary steps of alchemy. Master Overkill had gone in search of his missing crew for the gods and the Lopanic branch of the Royal College of Navigation. Brother Indaris was shopping and getting the trip ready for those departing early to the holy city. I was sad a bit knowing Master Tyvernos had left with the Defilers for the realms of the Gods of Light. I guess the world would not be looking at the first brothel chain of whore houses called “The Gnuaghty Gnome” or some such name.

The evening to night was spent practicing magic and casting while distractions were thrown at me. Not long past the witching hour did Master Alchemist Gabriel make me stop as he had been noticing something. There were times when I was dodging objects and my casting had not been interrupted. He then asked me to cast a ‘Globe of Daylight’ while tossing knives with one hand. On my fourth try I succeed doing it once for every seven daggers I had thrown. On my 30th try I was down to one spell per dagger thrown! He stopped me and said he understood why it was so hard for me to learn magic. Apparently in the ancient days of Sulestan they trained battle casters, also known as War Wizards. When they had devoted themselves fully to invocations and mastered it with advanced combat training they could learn to cast while performing other attacks with the other hand! He said I looked to be of that caliber of Wizard! I would never learn a great deal of magic but I would know my magic so completely that I could weave spells while fighting! He provided me some scrolls to read that had silver runes on them and said I would not get much sleep. He would pay for Sir Thurgood to get me access to one of the smaller arenas during the day where I had to train in this style in full armor! harness-of-law I was stunned until he brought out my new suit of Sulestani inspired enchanted full plate armor! He would not reveal the metal’s name to me only that it was colored using magical lightning to achieve the golden color! After he had me put it on, with the uppper parts over my Tri-Arcanum Robes with the legs and feet parts on under them he brought out a mirror.

I shed a tear in awe!!!

I looked like a paladin! As Master-Sister Caminata would say, “a bad ass, magic wielding, paladin!” Master Alchemist Gabriel told me the armor could heal itself and was also buoyant should I fall overboard. There was an additional feature he mentioned that I couldn’t believe but testing proved it true! Alas I will not write much about it (Lady Torchwood please edit this), but let’s just say my spell strength was as strong as ever! So whenever I trained on the new spells I wore the armor. When I trained during the day to perform battle casting as War Wizards of old I wore the Harness of Law and using Uraeus’ Fang as my weapon of choice.

Half the day of the 21st of Thoth was spent celebrating the Lord of Wisdom. The only other break in my training as a Battle-Caster was a half day on 30th of Thoth celebrated Brother Indaris being with our merry band for a year.

~ The 1st of KYM-NARK-MAR to
the 27th of KYM-NARK-MAR ~

Those departing early left on the way to Sekti-Abtu left first of the month: Master Overkill, Brother Indaris, and Master Asher whom had come to check on how we made use of his fire eating gems, which has saved my life once already. Apparently, their is a vision we will be attacked by lava in the Western Empire. Seeing what I had done he gave his approval and got in the wagon. Brother Indaris had erected a shrine to Thoth so when we broke the tent down to return it the shrine would remain. Now was the first time I got to teach magic, not to an ‘young acolyte’ but a master alchemist! To say I was nervous was an understatement, and I did lean heavily on my notes. However, on the morning of the 13th of the Dragon Month Master Alchemist Gabriel said he no longer wished to write poetry and was looking forward to fishing and quiet meditation! I did it I had taught not only a spell of the Fifth Circle, but one of the Thirteenth Circle as well!!!

The rest of us left after returning our rented items and I had stopped to talk with Sir Thurgood, wishing each other well in our journeys. My last stop was ‘Galthor’s Guards’ where I provided them 20,000 Eastern Crowns to help cover the costs of those ten guards that lost their lives protecting our tent. Their spokesperson told me I would be remembered with honor as would CrIsis and I told him I did make mention of their professionalism in my notes for the Books of CrIsis. It was a touching yet sad moment and knowing I could not ease the loss of a friend of which I am sure a few of the deceased were to him. At least those left behind would have a buffer while their lives found a “new” normal.

The two weeks returning to Sekti-Abtu was grand and I spent time flying as a ‘hawk’ with Master-Sister Caminata, running as a wolf as well with her and Nosse. Master Azariel and I talked about spells we had for trade and I shared I am working on the next voyage for a spell to banish demons and dyvals! Under cover of darkness I would train in the armor and sword enchanted for me to smite evil. By day I stayed in hooman or animal form working on a Lightning Bolt and Fleet Feet talismans to hand out to the group.

On our arrival back to the Holy City of Light, Brother Indaris handed me my Pin of Retribution from the Osiris’ based jewelry designs I had submitted and paid their church alchemist for. We had a lovely dinner as a group talking about the whirlwind the Lopanic Games were.

~ The 28th of KYM-NARK-MAR ~

This morning I saw your lifemate’s father, and please tell him when you speak to him by the 1st of Set, our dad is doing great here in the Holy City! I gave him my ribbon for winning the Pentathlon and we are having a dinner arranged with the Holy City’s Master Dwarf Smith on the 30th. Plus tomorrow on the 29th, the Three Scholars are going to give CrIsis a presentation of what they have uncovered.

I will be leaving aboard Rogtilda with the others on the 1st of Pegasus toward the Western Empire. I wish the Serinan Tribe well and look forward to the day I can come home once again. I will write once we make land fall for a lengthy period again. Until then you can always reach me via Ondemeira the White at the castle of King Guy the First in the city of Credia.

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis

P.S. Although I am no priest may the Lawgiver’s judgement keep you and our peoples safe.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, upon the of the closing hours of the 28th of Kym-Nark-Mar, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<<

Lady in yellow dress, picture by Nomuh.
Picture of female minotaur from Maugh’s Deviant Art Page and edited by me.
Picture from Leafy Creations.
Minotaur head made by Gaitkeeper.
Base body, wavy sword, and golden chain additions from A.Q.W. Wiki
Isis wings on chestplate from Costume Armor.
Scale mantle and shoulder with Horus’ Eye from Peachyco and design modified by Pachycrocuta.
Osiris Crook and Flail on belt from Club Penguin.

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