Xerx’ses Lives!

Strange Aeons Indeed

Friend Indaris,

This is a letter from your friend Silent Dream. I am saddened by your departure from CrIsis. I do not understand why you wished to leave without talking to us first. But maybe you did talk to us several days ago and we did not listen? I am so sorry for the role I played in your decision. I wish we could have had a chance to talk more. These last several days especially have been very stressful for all of us. I do appreciate that you stayed with us long enough to help us reach the safety of the Joruuth.

I write you now because mere hours after you left we received a golden vision from Xerx’ses! He survived! I am overflowing with both joy and sorrow at this news. I have recalled the events. I will write them now in this letter as they happened.

We sat around the fire. We finally took the time to have a fireside chat. It was time to accept Xerx’ses passing and get to know first Torrun, then the mysterious Elf Merkl who the Gods sent in your stead. As Torrun finished his tale and answered our questions the fire began to glow a golden yellow color. This fire shot up into the sky. Part of it broke off up there to create a golden orb suspended above us.

This orb glowed brightly then like a small sun as bright as the daylight. The area for miles around was bathed in this golden sunlight. Behind the glow of the sunlight we saw Xerx’ses descend towards us. He stopped short of the ground. He hovered just above the remains of the heatless golden fire. Xerx’ses gave off a similar golden glow. He looked at all of us. None of us could find words to say. He began to speak.

“My friends. I have been called up to serve as a Junior God among The Pantheon. I am being allowed to fulfill my obligations to the Tri-Arcanum and then I will officially move to The Ma’ip. I am glad you all survived. I have some gifts for you.”

Xerx’ses reached out and handed out one scroll to each of us. We remained mute in awe and shock. He continued speaking.

“Know that you will have trying times ahead of you, even more than what you are experiencing now. It will be hard to find common ground, but you must. Find it! Because, if you can’t find common ground, then the light can’t find common ground. And you must heal the wounds that appeared and work very hard to move forward. I have faith in all of you. You have been the greatest joys and inspirations of my life… and now my burgeoning Godhood. And I hope to see all of you with me. And sometimes that path doesn’t lead this way.”

He spoke specifically about you next.

“And I will look in on Indaris in due time. But for those of you who stayed true to the path, you have my eternal thanks, and I will always count you among my friends. But for now it is time for me to go. Just know that my saving you was something that They decided was worthy. And I hope you don’t have to risk such a thing, but Hades will push it. Be prepared. Be well. And I love you all.”

He finished with those words. Before we could muster a response he ascended back up into the light. The miniature sun faded and took him with it. Our fire returned to normal. The scrolls he gave remained and sat in our laps – his final gift to us.

I cannot know what you are going through. But I hope this information helps in some small way. The rest of us will continue to trod forward on this Holy Quest. I am grateful for the time we spent together. May you continue to know the blessing and the grace of the Gods wherever your new travels may take you.

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Note: This letter was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 31st night of Corg, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Image Credits:
Indaris: AZ_Rune


7 Responses to “Xerx’ses Lives!

  • This is awesome, a perfect retelling of the event, with a bit of Dream in it. I love how Dream always blames himself as well

  • It is so nice to read this that simple mere words fail to convey my happiness at the end of years of playing this role. Now I have to find a way to make the remaining time work for Torrun to shine as a developing character. If feels like I just joined the group all over again.

    • You basically did! I was glad that Xerx’ses was able to live on though. Now I’m not as worried about his soon-to-be newborns. Speaking of… should one of us write Laval’liere and let her know what happened? I was hoping that Indaris would write such a letter but that ship seems to have sailed.

      • Someone that Laval’liere has met should write her… and that is a rather small list at this point.

        • Someone has sort of. Ursus did write to her & Ansa & the Childs of both.

  • It is good to know that Xerx’ses will still be around, even if it is just in spirit or God form. Assistance will come, even if it is on rare occasion.

    • Indeed, and if this had happened a day earlier Indaris might not of left.

      Well written Sir, Indaris would thank you for the knowledge.

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