Xerx’ses, The Almost Goblin King

In his nightly meditation before sleep Rod Rambler glimpses the following upon the 10th of SET.

Near the southwestern edge of the Timiro Kingdom was the nearly finished tower of the “Oathkeeper” and respected councilor to King Guy the First. Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper had promised to keep an eye upon the Giants from the Nimro Kingdom to the west in exchange for having his tower located upon a ley line in that area of the kingdom. It was closest to Ft. Tirr and then the city of Basst south of it. Within the tower that was sized for folks up to 15 feet placing the ceiling around twenty feet for each level. We find a gathering on the ground level around a central column with a fireplace bring heat through the column to each level.

Here, Laval’liere and Zavroka (Xerx’ses’ ogre second wife) were sitting upon a stone divan with pillows in the lowest floor of Xerx’ses Tower with Xerx’ses daughter, Zara’shan, and her twin brother Zak’var nestled between them. Laval’liere’s younger brother, Lazal’dan was here as well tending to the fire. Xerx’ses half brother, Zeelik Stonemace was entering from the lower levels where the teleportation circles were located. Even the Titan lord mayor, Instaror, had come when the news of Xerx’ses return and the rescue of his child had been known. Being a wizard and a paladin was a rare combination and the two have become closer friends. The servants here were all acolytes or students on work internships from either the Academy of Philosophers in Basst or the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. Some of the guests in attendance were the heads of the Sami Clan from Marmana. Mangy Carl, for Xerx’ses had asked him to spread the word of Ursus and Khonsu among the monster races he would associate with. Elanu Groff, because Xerx’ses considers him a personal friend and wanted to talk about selling a few scrolls through the Gold Coast Trading Company to help generate an additional revenue stream for the Guild, finally their was Sir Palomedes of the Knights of Dawn. Xerx’ses has made efforts to find and stay in touch with a fellow competitor of the Lopanic Games.

What few people knew was that Ra had Xerx’ses working when the birth of the twins happened and Jar’Eth stole his daughter shortly after that. Once his wives had realized what had happened Xerx’ses had been alerted and tried to teleport home when he was grabbed by the Goblin King. The vision, however, misses most of the the tale in question and begins when Xerx’ses starts to relate the final battle and welcome his brother Zeelik and Kom’var. “Okay, okay once we get settled I will begin the tale of CrIsis and how I almost became the Goblin King!”

“There we were at the center of the Labyrinth with CrIsis and I entering from the south arch into the cleared circular area with what should have been a large circular, stone pond. However, the water was replaced by a mystical malestrom we would soon learn was a gateway back to just outside the Labyrinth! Though at the time we thought it was just a mystical gateway to oblivion. Just one more trap Jar’Eth was using to make sure our failure was nigh!”

Just then Xerx’ses turned his head and smiled, “Jaymus Murray! I am so thrilled the scroll made it to you! Please come and sit I only just begun the tale of my nigh ascension to becoming the Goblin King of legend!” The acclaimed author and journalist of sporting events came over and saw Xerx’ses for the first time since his ascension amazed at the transformation and hugged an arm as he patted him on the back with the other. Lazal’dan helped Jaymus get a proper seating and comfortable next to Elanu Groff. Not everyone was able to make given their schedules and our storyteller was just happy to see so many friends around as could arrive. Once more the Golden Minotaur leaned down to continue the tale of the final battle.

“There we were, in the circular garden with the mystical fountain turned whirlpool maelstrom of unspoken doom! CrIsis had begun moving in to deal with the Goblins guarding Jar’Eth on the far side. Unlike them, I remembered that this time these were either our past allies or children! Children whom did not have someone to come after them. The easiest thing to do would be to hate the archaic Elf, however, I had been giving it some thought. What if he had been broken and rejected by someone he had once loved? Lictalon the Great Arch-Mage had mentioned he was his brother. What if Jar’Eth had loved a girl – let’s call her Sarah – and she chose Lictalon. Well, like my youth and Luur’na he keeps looking for someone to fill that void he thinks is there. Let’s say he finds another Sarah and tries to woo her by stealing her baby brother,” winking at Laval’liere.

“But this one rejects him because he doesn’t understand the love of family. This breaks the previous fracture even further, compounding pain he had never healed. Thus begins his war on love to rebuild his “family” from captured children. Supposedly, let’s presume he started with orphans with no parents so they can grow to love him. Maybe some of them do actually grow to love him, but he tires of them over the decades and centuries. Once the anger him he turns them into goblins. Still feeling the void and finding not enough orphans he moves into stealing children! Sure, he offers the family a chance to try and save them, and maybe a couple do but most end up dead or running out of time. To his hurt and twisted heart this was all the justification he needed to prove that the particular family wasn’t worthy of the child. And, to prevent the child from angering him he turned them straight away into a goblin! Goblins, in his mind, were always fallible and therefore forgivable for failure – being lesser creatures that “needed” him.”

There were more than a few shocked looks at Xerx’ses analysis.

“I saw a “fix” to the problem I could try and make right. I decided to challenge Jar’Eth for the title of Goblin King!”

Laval’liere huffed and handed Zavroka some coins.

“As Goblin King, I could find a way to save all the children! Returning those I could and adopting the rest into the Shandar Tribe!”

Zavroka huffed and handed Laval’liere back the same coins. Both Minotaur and Ogre smiling. “Well, I started asking about some of my theories and cited the fight was between us, always between us. I couldn’t see the children at this point and started talking about his failures at family bonds to try and goad him into single combat. He agreed as long as I could get CrIsis to step back and not attack. I remember mentioning earlier I thought I lost them and their trust, however, nothing like challenging a god upon his bailiwick to reassure you that fair weather friends CrIsis is not! They agreed to step back and even Ursus – the Monster God, in his Bear-taur,” Xerx’ses looked perplexed how to continue that description, “form came to a screeching halt in front of a Goblin.”

Jaymus sat amazed at how different the storyteller in front of him was changed from the first time he had interviewed Xerx’ses. Lazal’dan was nodding when Xerx’ses had been talking about Jar’Eth remembering when he had once been the Goblin King’s prisoner. Mangy Carl was enjoying the story as much as he was enjoying the food provided, laughing and enjoying the bardic-styled tale.

“As I made my way up to his magical, dome-like, shield he kept tossing the magical spheres at me. I was able to continue shaking his confidence reminding him the last god I face had his dick ripped off and then after he died things got very interesting for him. My friends in the background made a point of making dick ripping gestures driving a wedge into Jar’Eth’s confidence. As I got close enough, Sky Captain Willy, was walking around the other side away from Ursus’ direction. He got a close look at one of the Goblins and called out his long lost brother’s name! And would you know it, his brother had been taken when they were children! Jar’Eth tried to shake my confidence saying that I had not left his minions unharmed this time. The maelstrom pool changed to showing me squeezing the dwarf vassal of Jar’Eth and I pointed out he was scared but never actually hurt, and allowed to leave. Despite his attempt to label me a liar I knew it wasn’t true and ignored it continuing forward, having released the dwarf and allowed him to flee when we had first met.

He finally agrees to single combat and the whirlpool maelstrom of unspoken doom dissipates to marble and we both walk out to the center and begin the “Duel Arcane” for the second time considering the last time we had a draw. I managed to shrug off his attacks and had enough energy left to drop the Anti-Magic Cloud over everything. His realm had a weird effect reversing the power on the Goblin King! He nearly took control of my mind and I was beginning to fall in love with Jar’Eth!”

Rather than gasp almost everyone there groaned overly exaggerated, “UGH! You and Elves!”

Xerx’ses chuckles, “Well, had not my friends been there, had not every good memory of my time within CrIsis been straining in my mind and the love of my wives and child whom I wanted so desperately to see! That, that is what allowed me to shrug it off, barely feeling my will return! The Goblin King’s face went from triumphant to horror as he asked who was I? To which I grinned bending down and said…”

Xerx’ses grins bending down to Carl who is loving this tale

“…I am the Goblin King!”

Jar’Eth surrenders at this point and we fell through the whirlpool maelstrom of unspoken doom reappears and we fall through to the land just outside the labyrinth. After everyone else shows up we are teleported straight to his throne room. Ursus children are circling to caged Goblins and Jar’Eth is holding my daughter, Zara’shan. To which he promptly returned and offered one wish with no connection to our quest. Grignak was allowed his Divine power in the realm and used it to heal Jar’Eth earliest emotional wound that led him down this path. I offered to stay if he would send all the children home, which startled him further into acknowledging defeat and sending us away. Including with Willy’s brother, however, Dream was still a Goblin and Ursus was even more a monster god than before! What happens next is for another story!”

Cheers went up as Xerx’ses bows his tale complete.



Pictures from our own AZ Rune


3 Responses to “Xerx’ses, The Almost Goblin King

  • I love that Laval’liere and Zavroka seemed to have little side-bets on what Xerx’ses would say, and each of them were right and wrong at various times. Great recap of the battle!

  • He sure has been busy! Love the wrapping up of some loose threads. Great account

  • “…Xerx’ses looked perplexed how to continue that description…” What’s so hard about it, Half Horse, Half Bear. Be thankful the Top half is Bear…The other way around would be a 6 legged freak of a thing.

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