You Are Not the Last

But your brother is…now

Converstion overheard between Raulf Bozkurtlar and Ondemeira The White the evening before his death.

“Sir Raulf, I am pleased that you took the time to talk with me, especially in this time of grief and morning that you are experiencing.”


*“Of course m’ Lady, one should take time to gather thoughts so as to not act irrationally. So, what is it you would like to discuss?”*

“Of course, to the point, you Wolfen are very straight forward. I have had a vision of your brother, Weylyn. I saw him leading a great battle with many, many other Wolfen. There was much death and destruction, on all sides. Alas, it seemed that your Brother’s forces were near total annihilation, He along with them. Then suddenly my vision shifts to your brother running amongst a large group of white Wolven. I saw TWO faces; your Brothers and another. This other was as pure white as a new snow and he had a strange mark on his forehead; the Numeral thirteen tattooed or branded between his eyes.”

*“By Ra, the Lost Ones?”*

“Ah, yes, I have HEARD of these ‘Lost Ones’, as you describe them. I have read many of the books by the Great Chronicler of the Wolfen Empire. He discussed the thirteenth many times in his tombs. This is why I wanted to converse with you; to let you know that your Brother is ALIVE and that this tribe is ALSO alive. It seems their fates are now intertwined. You are NOT the last of your tribe.”

*“Thank you M’ Lady, this assuages my struggle of leaving CrIsis to help my Homeland.”*

“This encounter was intercepted from Eastern spies.

Lost tribe leader picture from stock photos and modified by LURCH6571
All other pictures have been previously referenced within A God Rebuilt


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