Your Blood is on Your Own Hands

I Spit On Your Corpse


You have successfully taken all that I have ever loved! First you drove Zii’Clymnt from me! Then you left when I begged you not to go. This allowed the Etrinan to be slain, killing my parents and sister! Then, I finally find happiness in the arms of my beloved, Zeelik. What do you do? Send him to his death in a known hive of death, Troker. Now he is gone as well!

You will pay for every ounce of my pain! You will see your friends slaughtered, and then you will have your soul given to the Dark as their plaything!

You have been warned- something you do not deserve. You will never find me, and I hope that you suffer! Do not think that I am turning to the Dark, just that I am turning my back on you, the betrayer and killer of all that I have loved.

I hope that Anubis tortures your soul for all eternity!!

Received by Xerx’ses on his return to Caer Itom.

Picture from AZ-Rune

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