Your Danger Grows

ReSet Resets


I again write as Baldbet, with concern yet again. It has come to my attention that there is great change afoot, in both the group ReSet and the Middle Kingdoms. It has come to my attention that Lady Daera Kaze and Lady Shara Lechellsa have returned to their homeland. They have shut out the good Bishop Lamriel, and are preparing for Civil War!!

This means terrible times are ahead in the Western Empire! It also means quite a change in ReSet. I know that you have been prepared for them in the past, but expect them to be both smarter and more desperate.

I know that you now have left the Jungles and are on your way to Credia. I am sure that they are waiting either in Credia, near the Dragon you must fight, or the Obelisk. We are looking for something that may let you know when they teleport, to even the playing field.

Be thee wary, and remember that all know CrIsis! The newest Book just released, with Rod Rambler’s characteristic flair- expect sales to improve, but also notoriety!!

Please be safe-

Actually written by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk.

Out of Character Note- This letter, and any further “Secret Admirer” letters do not appear in the Books of CrIsis, nor are they automatically shared with other CrIsis members- they really are secret.

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