Your Items Are Still Ready

Danger of Losing Them

My Lord Torrun, Demigod of Valor

I wrote you 3 months ago that CrIsis’ personal alchemist, Master Gabriel, had completed his half of the bargain on the 13th of Kym-nark-mar, and was surprised to learn that you had left the Empire. I had asked that you please let him or myself know when we are to be honored by your presence again!

I have kept him from selling the items to others so far, but he insists that if he has not heard from you by the 13th of Algor he is releasing them for sale! Please let us know you intend to come pick them up! There are 6 pendants, one sized for a Troll, one for a Werebear (that changes to human size- quite a feat!), one for yourself, one Kankoran sized, one for an Elf, and one for a Human.

I personally look forward to hearing from you! Do you hear my prayers?

Worshipfully yours,
Zavik the Troll

Picture from Hoover Library


4 Responses to “Your Items Are Still Ready

  • Zavik is an incredible NPC! I loved my interactions with him.

  • Sounds like he’s asking for a letter soon – aka, an entire log dedicated only to him and his Alchemist. The arrogance of Alchemists never ceases to amaze!

  • Well…we need these items BEFORE Cynopolis…so we will have to make the trip

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