Zealotry Strikes

Remember CrIsis Promise!

Little Brother

I write to you out of necessity, versus want. I understand that the so-called Gods that watch over you will get this missive to you through their Agent (pardon the reference), or so those that read the book of your exploits state. All I know is it must be desperate for me to turn to you.
My Joyous Friend,

When CrIsis first began, almost 4 years ago- has it only been 4 years- seems longer- they enlisted my help. In return I asked them to read Hoedric’s Letter (copy being sent via separate pigeon) and they agreed to help find, and save, the Seed Libraries. They found one, the Ruins of Alarassa, but since have seemingly forgotten their promise. The books from the Ruins are true treasures, and I would hate to lose all the other treasures of learning.

After spending months here at the Library of Bletherad you know the joys of learning, of research, and how beneficial it is to CrIsis cause! I ask that you again put saving the Seed Libraries high on your list.

This is especially important now! Ondemeira the White, who you may or may not now was once one of the Guardians of the Library, has revealed that the ones that wish to destroy knowledge, The Zealotry, found a hidden Seed Library and destroyed it! It was located below the Royal College of Navigation in Credia!

The Khejas clan have told me that there are others, and they are moving them. They, as well as I, do not feel it is safe to mention their new locations by pigeon- you will have to seek them out.

Please make good on CrIsis’ promise- I am counting on you!

Please be safe- May the Light of the Gods of Light protect all knowledge!
Malkin Falimede

Written by Malkin Falimede and sent on the 18th of Gryphon.

Picture from Christinne Blakker.


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