azariel agents room





You find yourself in a stone room, surrounded by walls of fire. Looking around there seems to be no escape except through the flames, which illuminate something strange- you are standing inside a circle, which tingles with magic power. You hear a voice above you, and a Baal-rog’s head appears over the wall.

“Welcome Alea-iacta est. We look forward to having you join us in our worship of Bes again.” He places, with his large hands, two men within the circle, both heavily robed.

You awake tied to a table. You are in a dimly lit, all stone room. It is at least 30’ tall, and footsteps, panting, and a distant scream can be heard. To your right is Helgriven, holding a wicked looking knife. He smiles and says, “Ah, Alea-iacta est, it is most unfortunate that we had to meet again like this. You should have surrendered when I asked, under lord Anubis. The god Bes has insisted on torturing each of you.” You hear a chuckle from the front of the table, and the Baal-rog is there.

Helgriven motions slightly, and to the left a curtain falls. An elderly human, Bishop Tutu, lies, bound, on a table 20’ away. In between you and her are two each of these. The man clearly states, “Do not fear, Azariel. Have faith only in the Light, and be at peace.” Another human, from behind, whispers, “Rest easy…..” and you black out.

Azariel is later returned to CrIsis, along with Bishop Tutu.

Picture from Bastion Law