Bishop Tutu


Bishop of the Church of Light & Dark- Timiro Kingdom

Bishop Tutu was asked by King Gedro of Timiro to broker peace between the peoples of Enry Island. Members of the Church of Light & Dark were fighting a civil war with an Anti-Thoth cult. The bishop recommended that the 2 parties separate on the island. He, with Church funds, assists in building the Port of Truth, and convinces the anti-Thoth followers to begin their own sect under the umbrella of the Church of Light & Dark. They agree, and form the Church of Enlightenment.

Bishop Tutu is respected, but not adored, by both sides, for he never came down firmly on either side. He is a firm believer in Isis.

The bishop appears to CrIsis in glowing raiment. He asks CrIsis for a ride home, and ask that Overkill make a decision about Mary, either take her to to the Yin Sloth Jungle town of Mishala where she may assist Sulyott the All-Knowing with his Elf/Dwarf experiment or to allow him to make sure she has safe passage to the dwarf city of Northolme in the Eastern Territory.

This Bishop has literally saved CrIsis! Both Overkill and Greldarr are resurrected by the Bishop, and with CrIsis help Anubis’ influence is exorcised from Cava.

Please see the campaign logs Gavin Comes Out, We Are Not Going to Survive, The Prayer, Time For Vacation and Five of Seven for more about CrIsis and Bishop Tutu.

CrIsis sees Bishop Tutu again during the Festival of Ra a few years later. Please see the log Mortals are the Shadows in the Light & Dark.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.