Blades of the Mother


Oriel’s Holy Rune Eandroth Double bladed knife


This weapon is currently being carried by Oriel


This weapon is fourteen (14) inches long from tip to tip. It is carved from the hardest obsidian mineral found in the Baalgor Wastelands. After being carved and sharpened to scalpel like precision, the weapon is put through a forging treatment that is only known to the Eandroth and has never been shared with any other race. It is one of it’s most highly guarded secrets. Any outsiders who attempt to gain the secret are marked and banished for ever. Any Eandroth caught giving up the secret are put to death. This treatment makes the material even harder than the original rock is was carved from. A handle is fashioned in the middle from the toughest hides found from the animals of the Baalgor Desert, it may include mature Eandroth skin, as a tribute to the fallen heroes. This blade does use skin from Mature Eandroths. This was to help imbue some different properties during the making of the weapon and also how it got it’s name.


This weapon has been given to many different Mature Female Eandroth through out it’s history. It is always passed from a dying or extremely aged Female to a recently matured Female. The recently matured female is always one that has borne many, many children, as this is a mark of grandeur among the females (the receiving female usually has had at least 35 births, most have had 40). Giving birth to so many is a sign that this female should have more influence over the tribe, since her genetics are passed on to so many more.


Oriel is one of these most revered females. At her time of maturity, she had borne 40 offspring. This was something that hadn’t happened in over 3 generations. The next closest breeder was barely at 30 births. Being of such revered status she was the only candidate to receive this most honored prize before leaving to start her next journey. After the ceremonial passing of the blade Oriel briskly commenced her next journey.


IF the current possessor of this blade happens to fall before returning the blade to the tribe, the Females can sense it and they dispatch hordes of mature males to hunt down the weapon. These hordes will scour the face of the realms until it is found and will never rest until it is returned. They are more than willing to sacrifice themselves, each other, and any that may get in the way of bringing the weapon back.


The weapon has the following abilities:


Does 4d8 damage


Remove Curse at 50%


+1 save vs. magic


+2 save vs. Horror Factor


+2 save vs. poison


Create bread & milk at 6th level


Turn 6d6 undead at 80%


Glows Red at all times


Blade design from True Swords and The realm of the Dark Blade