Blue Wizard Stone Bracelet

Blue Wizard Stone Bracelet

This bracelet is made of stone with two semi-opaque crystals on just one side (reminiscent of eyes) and two circular depressions inset with a crystal on each side (reminiscent of ears). It can only be activated by a wearer who has at least 50 P.P.E., and only once every 24 hours. To activate it the user must imagine the bracelet as a mouth clamping down on her arm and expend 20 P.P.E.. The bracelet will momentarily constrict tightly and draw a drop of blood, causing the wearer to take 2 H.P. of damage (which recovers normally). The bracelet will return to normal size and the four crystals will all glow with faint blue energy.

One melee round after activating, 1D4+4 blue glowing wizard stones/orbs about the size of a baseball appear hovering in the air around the one who brought them to life. The powers of these orbs mainly involve benign powers of seeing, understanding and movement. The bracelet wearer knows everything the flying orbs can do from the moment she activates the bracelet, for her drop of blood temporarily links her to the strange artifact which produces these stones.

Unless used up (see powers below), these orbs will remain for 24 hours.

  • While hanging about her, the user can NOT be ambushed or surprised, because she will be instantly aware of any such attack. The stones also give the character the powers to See the Invisible and Nightvision (400 feet), both of which last as long as the flying orbs do.
  • One of the orbs can be sent 200 feet ahead of the user, where it functions like an observation ball, enabling the one who activated them to see anything within a 20 foot diameter of the orb, including invisible creatures.
  • In combat, the orbs dart around the user, confusing and startling any attacker and effectively making the combat moves of any opponent done with a penalty of -2 (to initiative, strike, parry, dodge, etc.).
  • The small orbs can be hurled at an opponent too, and explode on impact, but rather than inflict damage, it causes its victim to levitate into the air and bob around as if on a rolling current of air. Said individual has no sense of balance and sees his or her number of attacks per melee round reduced by half and all combat moves are made at -6 to strike, parry and dodge. The flying orb vanishes in the explosion, magically teleporting back to inside the large bead-like Wizard Stone. Range: 200 feet and +4 to strike.
  • Lastly, each of the flying orbs can be used to create any one of the following spells at 8th level potency. However, as soon as the spell is activated, the orb seems to explode into a shower of sparkling dust over the recipient, vanishing as it touches him or her, but giving them the spell effect desired. The P.P.E. necessary for the spell is contained in the magic of the orb. Available Spells: See Aura, Eyes of Thoth, Eyes of the Wolf, Sense Traps, Armor of lthan, Fly as the Eagle, Magic Pigeon, and Tongues.

Some users have reported that when they activate the bracelet and feel the pinprick of their blood being drawn, they see a brief vision of a stone face in a forest. It is half-buried but they can clearly see its crystal eyes and ears glowing a brilliant blue. It’s mouth opens and several blue orbs fly out of it towards the viewer. These visions are always fleeting and do not always occur. Those familiar with the lore of the Northern Hinterlands will recognize this stone face as a fabled Wizard Stone. Because of this it is theorized that the bracelet does not contain the magic of a Wizard Stone, but rather serves as a conduit for it across space and even dimensions.


Image Source: Pinterest