We call our adventure logs campaigns. Below are the campaigns from newest to oldest. For the campaigns organized by player character, see Character Logs. Please note, throughout the site, dark red means a Character or Performer, green an item, and blue is a place or link.

To get a quick overview see the session recaps, where you can find each of the official logs. You can find them here, Session Recaps.

Game Session: November/18/2017

Osiris is Rebuilt: Part 2
The Word of Ursus
How Rell Lived
Goodbye to You
Osiris is Rebuilt:Part 1
The Day the Music Died
Ballad of Torrun: Ending the Refrain

Game Session: November/4/2017

Hard Rock
Destiny Awaits Part 7
Ursus Asks For Advice
Life Without CrIsis Part Two


Game Session: October/21/2017

Ursus Hatches an Idea
Rell’s Female Soul
So Far Away From Where You Are
Modeus Falls- Some GM Observations
Ballad of Torrun: Hades, There and Back Again
Life Without CrIsis

Game Session: October/7/2017

This Is Power
Ursus Complains
Destiny Awaits Part 6
The Story of Omen
Lictalon and Charolyn

Game Session: September/23/2017

The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Don’t Mess With MaMa Bear
The Final Countdown
One Last Goodbye
The Big One
Ursus is in Hell
Ballad of Torrun: Cynopolis to Hades
Dry is the Darkness
Value Enhanced


Game Session: September/9/2017

War Is Ended
Ursus Sleeps Well
Meanwhile, Back in Renvin
The Ballad of Torrun:From Your Brother
To Cardinal Helenia, Voice of Anubis
A Simple Reply

Game Session: August/26/2017

Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You
The Dwarf & The Minotaur, An Etrinan Story
The Ballad of Torrun: When We Hurt Each Other
The Enemy Within
Miracles and Entropy
Concert of Import

Game Session: August/12/2017

I Don’t Lie Mom
A Time to Every Purpose
Ursus Becomes Obsessed (Possessed)
I Am One With The Light, And The Light Is One With Me
A Mother’s Joy
Conversation Imminent
Cynopolis, City of Anubis


Game Session: July/29/2017

The Unremembered
Free Willy
Ursus Begs Forgiveness
Remember, Remember, the 30th of Algor, the Labyrinth Conspiracy and Plot
Life is Change
Hello Mother, Hello Father
Hades Details
Demigods and Worship
The Meeting

Game Session: July/15/2017

Writing Mom
On the Nonce
What Kind of Tale Will We Forge?
Ursus Blesses a Young Couple
Ursus is Humble(d)
Change of Plans
Scenes From Bizantium
Parasites and Prayer
Please Come
Juggling Gods
Tick Tock
Write Your Mother
Becoming What You Were Born For
Report Response
Panath Triumphant

Game Session: July/1/2017

Running Down a Dream
CrIsis Combats Crew
Cheesy Poison
Destiny Awaits Part-5
To My Dear Friend
Your Items Are Still Ready
The Struggle of Panath
An Overdue Thank You


Game Session: June/17/2017

I Am the Great Pretender
8 Bells and All is Well (With Ursus)
Cold Winds, Tide Moves In
Ursus is Conflicted
A Labyrinth…Rebuilt
Hades Detailed
New Weaver Leader
Childs Safe

Game Session: June/3/2017

Gnomish Savior
All In All…
Answered Prayers
One Axe, Two Axe, My Axe
Ursus Sends A Spy Report
Xerx’ses, the Almost Goblin King
Ursus Sends Word
Obelisk News
Jareth’s Thoughts

Game Session: May/20/2017

Destiny Awaits Part-4
Labyrinth Journal
Gazebo, Gazebo,Where Art Thou Gazebo
The Little Goblin’s Journal
Ansa Demands a Vision
Jareth’s Musings

Game Session: May/6/2017

Growing Pains
Device of a Million Voices
Xerx’ses Returns to Labyrinth
Nothing Tra La La
Researching Everywhere

Game Session: April/22/2017

My Wife
Journey Into the Dark
Ursus Plans a Family Trip
Giant Expectations
Small Talk
So Close, Yet so Far Away
I Owe You My Life
Such Wonders
North Saved
Returning Home
Merkl’s Meandering Thoughts
Ballad of Torrun – “Future’s Heir”

Game Session: April/8/2017

Rebuilding Our Life
These Dreams in Ma’ip
Ursus Recruits His Prime Priest
Ursus Worries About His Family
A Trois
A Note of Thanks
The Ballad of Torrun the Valorous
Your Items Are Ready
I Feel the Same
Ballad of Torrun – “Vow of Valor”
For Your Eyes Only

Game Session: March/11/2017

Artorias Returns
Highway to the Friend Zone
Two Pyramids and a Werebear
Ursus Blesses His Followers
Ursus Blesses His Family
The Adventures of Gurgle
Koris Gwaisol Named
Too Busy, or Misunderstood?
I Will Hunt You Down
Homeward Bound
Verifying Suicide
Pearls Are Not Accidents
Destiny Awaits Part-3

Game Session: February/25/2017

Author’s Note
The Reaping
Ursus Explains His Silence
Write Me, Maybe
Destiny Awaits Part-2
Efren’s Marvelous Armor & Shields
In the Wake of Ages
Immortally Sexy

Game Session: February/11/2017

Second Thoughts
Ursus Faces His Fear
Scenes From Renvin
Journey Home
Instructions to the Crew:Decree to Party
Look Pa, No Hands
Ballad of Torrun – “Exiles of Virtue”
Destiny Awaits Part-1
Moving on Up
Pregnancy Blues

Game Session: January/28/2017

Within the Sound of Silence
First Blood
Prayer to the Lord of Sun
Journal of Grignak-Don’t Read
Sick Sense of Humor
Hades Comes Forth
Western Arrival
Thoth’s Urgent Message
Dear Grignak – Letter 2 Response
Dear Grignak – Letter 2
Jase’s Reminder

Game Session: January/14/2017

The Buccaneers of the Sky
The Skein Of Fate’s Tapestry
To The Crystal Kingdom
Ursus Buries the Past
Seba Answers
Come to the Tri-Arcanum
Greetings From The God of Lies
The Day of Reckoning Approaches
Torrun’s Ballad of “The Man With No Name”
Two Roads Diverged in a Crystal Wood

Game Session: December/17/2016

A Meeting With Death
Not to Worry
So Much Time To Make Up Everywhere You Turn
Dear Reset
Eagle Express
Ursus Reports on CrIsis
Dear Grignak – Letter 1 Response
Would You Look At That! It Worked!
New Days Ahead
Now That is Juggling
Would You Consider Being A Librarian?
Have Faith
Dear Grignak- Letter 1

Game Session: December/3/2016

Ursus Becomes a God
In Ra’s Name
Tax Time Reply
Ballad Of Torrun 2nd Stanza Set
Where is the Road That Takes Us to Bizantium?
Carnival of Death
Tax Time
They Will Perish By The Light We Bring
Xerx’ses Ascendant

Game Session: November/19/2016

The Monsters Among Us
When The Asylum Welcomes Fresh Meat
I Assume My Position
Ursus Becomes The Defacto Leader
Lunatics That Do Not Disappoint
Malkin, Your Help is Humbly Requested
Xerx’ses Lives
Your Queen Commands
Western Woes

Game Session: November/5/2016

Sleepless in the Hinterlands
What is Dead May Never Die
Fools Errand
Ursus Honors A Sacrifice
Lines Crossed
Ballad of Torrun
Ursus Excepts the Challenge
Llornian Lonliness
5 Stages of Xerx’ses
Do You Remember When We First Met?
The Worship of Khonsu Increases

Game Session: October/22/2016

He Left As Grand As He Entered
Fear the Reaper More
Ursus Loses Control
Pictures Are Worth A 1,000 Words
Terosh’s End
Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
Golden Sacrifice
Friends Gained and Lost
Ursus Gains a Follower
The Warrior Monk Formerly Known as Prince Torrun
Shield of Light Progress Report

Game Session: October/8/2016

Dreams and Musings
Checking In . . . Again
The World is Round?
Missive For The Missus
Ursus Seeks His Kin
Divine Intervention Or Is It Interview
Dream A Little Dream
Ursus Shares What He Has Learned
From the God of Oaths
Do You Yet Draw Breath?
Assuming You Are Done
Assistance in Words and Deeds
Old Ones and New Worlds
Bizantium, For the People
Guild Leadership Rules
Words From the Past

Game Session: September/24/2016

Ursus Reports of the Spread of the Church
Renewed Correspondence
I Killed A Snipe Demon!
A Passage Of Light In The Dark
Please Pass This Pigeon On
Checking In
Are You Hale and Hearty?
Western Empire Update

Game Session: September/10/2016

Jaque and Dian
Words, Glorious Words
Ursus Sends An Official Scout Report
Old Ones. Why’d it Have to be Old Ones?
Laval’liere May I Introduce You To Nara
Monthly Weaver Update #2
Friends Remembered
Is What I’m Feeling A Part Of War?
Renvin Is Paradise
The Evil Returns
Azomir Recalls
More Than One
Friendship Returned
Lonely Festival

Game Session: August/27/2016

New Haven’s Witch Hunt
Ursus Shares Good News
300 Holy Warriors
Blessed Be the Light
A Most Momentous Day Indeed
Unruly Children Should Clean Their Messes
Shandar Embassy
Ursus Accepts His Providence
Grudging Respect
Crime of the Century (Station)

Game Session: August/13/2016

Twiggy Leaf
Can I Get the Inside Scoop?
A Letter To A’zad About Power
A Moment of Calm Amidst a Sea of Chaos
The Unexpected Joy of Writing Home
Ursus Sends a Scout Report
Ursus Sends a Warning
Two Pigeons, One Subject
The Calling of Elves
Words of Brotherly Wisdom

Game Session: July/30/2016

The Western Empire Wants You!
In Friendship, Beseech We
We Must Be Strong
God Rebirthing And More Active Listening
The Value of Hard Work
Fly You Pigeons, Fly I Say!
Ursus Imparts More Wisdom
Ursus Sends a Lifeline
A Note Left For Malkin
You Will be Here Shortly Right?
Your Child Will Be Born Soon

Game Session: July/16/2016

View From Afar
Don’t Throw This Letter Away
Philosophical Love Letter
Hey, I Know It’s Short Notice
Drama in Haven and New Haven
Ursus Asks For A Huge Request
Ursus Imparts Some Wisdom
God Killing and More Choice Consequences
Funny Story, Well Not Really
You Are What?

Game Session: July/9/2016

The Dickripper Rises
A Relatively Uneventful Trip
What The Hades Was THAT!!
To Witness a God Die
Tempering the Weapon
Ursus Escapes From Prison
Urgency, For the Tide Shall Turn

Game Session: June/18/2016

Bad Bishops
One Night in New Crests
The Day CrIsis Met Their Match
I Have Not Forgotten
Ursus Becomes a Father
Monthly Weaver Update #1
At Last a Paladin
I’m The Only One
Whispers From Bast
Pleasant News From Baalgor

Game Session: June/4/2016

Divine Introspection of Purpose & Path
Lost Letters
Fear the Reaper
Beyond Reality
Secrets of the Internalists
Ursus Talks to Himself
Divine Introspection Of Trust & Time
Ursus Meets His Destiny
When Will I Embrace You Again?

Game Session: May/21/2016

Decision Time
To The Son Of…
Adult Decisions, Adult Consequences
Admission of Guilt
Ursus Sacrifices of Himself
Ursus Asks For a Deadly Favor
Report From the Middle

Game Session: May/7/2016

Ursus Has Changed
Ursus Influences Strange Behavior
Sorry, I’m Your Dance Partner
Fox in the Henhouse!
When Your Faith Can Crush You
When Ladies Talk
There Is A Chance To Wrong Death
No Offence Taken

Game Session: April/23/2016

The Return
Must We Tread the Same Ground as Magic?
Memoirs of a Cat
Do You Find the Speech Worthy?
No One Can Pick Them Like Jershon
Ursus Conducts a Religious Ceremony
A New Tri-Arcanum Era
Translation Services
Ursus Feels the Fury of an Ansa Scorned
Oaths & Vows Are What We Use To Uphold The Laws We Set
Rogtilda is no More

Game Session: April/9/2016

The Apprentice
Ursus is Going Crazy
The Guild Gets a New Leader
Apis Lays Down the Law
Plans Are Moving Forward
To Quote Gwydion, “I Said What!?”
Master Xerx’ses Goldenhorn – Head of the Weavers
Thank You to Our Esteemed Bard
Return of Two Grand Tribes
Intentional Grounding
Isis’ Champion Destroys the Glaive

Game Session: March/19/2016

Sometimes Wrongs Do Make Right
Can the Mountain Forget the Sky?
He Wears Many Hats
Ursus Gets Love Sick
Ursus Delves Into Politicking
Above All Things is the Guild?
Who Is She?
Elections, Vows, Campaign Oaths
A Second Prayer to Apis
Has Your Love Abandoned Me?

Game Session: March/12/2016

Now This Is Living
When Minds Collide
Saga of the Most Dangerous Man in the World
O’ Great Apis Why Must This Kankoran Fly?
Ursus Does Something Disturbing
Bigoted Fears & Returning Friends
May Ma’Ip Always Shine Upon You
An Explanation

Game Session: February/27/2016

Prayer of the Unworthy
Keeping an Open Mind
Ursus Actually Gets Drunk
A Proposition, I Have For You
Ursus Asks For Patients
To The Esteemed Commander Of The Dawn
A New Era for CrIsis
Harbinger of Law
To Kill a God
The Grassy Plains of Ma’ip
Return of the Redbeard
Hale and Well Met

Game Session: February/13/2016

Reaping the Blessing
Rooster Crows at Death
Ursus Gains New Friends
Xerx’ses of the Adraodan
Conclave of Baalgor
Lost Warriors Return
Seba Rescued
A Prayer to Apis

Game Session: January/30/2016

Battle of Bletherad Bay
End of the Nightmare
Could You Help a Fellow Priest Out?
No News
Ursus Plans a Wedding
Greetings Your Majesty
Saraph Has Been Reclaimed
Has Love Stopped Your Quest?
Reply to the Golden One
Sortie Failure Report
Seba Books at Risk!
The Rooster’s Journey Begins

Game Session: January/16/2016

Ursus Beseeches a God
A Maze Into the Past
That’s Queen Christine to You
Out of Palladium Experience

Game Session: January/2/2016

Death From the Other Side
Letter to King Avramson
To A Friend’s Father
A Little Letter Home
Traitor’s End
Blessed Errors Revealed
Trust Issues

Game Session: December/19/2015

Gratitude a Thousand Fold
The Price of Balance
’Twas the Night Before Horus Day
Digging Up the Past
Ursus Falls In Love
Ursus Did What?
Reply: More Information Needed
More Information Needed
Dungeon Business

Game Session: December/5/2015

Azariel’s Notations
Traitors in the East
Sunder is Dead
Gratias Pontifex
Dear Comrades in CrIsis
Oh My God! Oh My God!
Isis, How Art Thou?
What’s In a Name
Reunion and Surprises
Ursus Has Fans
A Grove For the Fallen
Favor Granted

Game Session: November/21/2015

The Rooster Crows
Forgive Me
For Immediate Publication
You Will Pay
Many for One
Ser Huro’s Report
An Interrogation
Where Did You Go?
Affidavit Of One Father Indaris Excellar
Sunrise Reflections
Ursus Gets Angry
Determination and the Lawgiver
Run, Fly, Run, Now!
We Won A Battle
Consider Yourselves Lucky

Game Session: October/24/2015

Book of the First Sinner
A Brief Moment of Reprieve
Lookin’ Good
The Beckoning
Ursus Asks For a Favor
Ursus Renders an Apology
Great Golden Warrior of the Lawgiver
Redemption in Art
Rod Rambler She Ain’t
CrIsis Meet Greksis
Be A Hero
A Secret Meeting
Bizantium Pyramids are Safe
More on the Giants
Bishop to Bear

Game Session: October/10/2015

Paladin Born
Pyramid Problem?
Redemption or Perdition
Ursus Resurrects Khonsu Worship
A World of Light & Dark
Mack-Log 1

Game Session: September/26/2015

Wait- An Armored Fairy?
Heart’s Denial
Death, Love and Nara
Ursus Tells a Tale
He’s not Dead?! Inconceivable!
At Rod Rambler’s Desk
The Forest Frolics Again
Northworst Goes to the Ocean
Audience With Ra

Game Session: September/12/2015

Whispers in the Dark
The One That Got Away Was Bloody Huge
Death’s Guests
Ursus Learns to Right
In the Fields Where Death Farms
Northworst Gets Worse
The Duty of Honour
To The Crew of Rogtilda

Game Session: August/29/2015

Ursus Fights Some (his) Demons
A Missing Missive
I Am Good at Murder
Annie Cuts a Clearer Conscious
Dispater Defeated
A Little too Little, A Little too Late

Game Session: August/15/2015

The Forest: Part 3
Ursus Visits the Library
Isis’ Champion Overcomes an Obstacle
If I Survive What Then Part 2
From Blade to Book ~ Runic Dreams
This Is Not Going to be Easy

Game Session: August/1/2015

A Plea To Malkin
Gadzooks, the Books
If I Survive, What Then?
A Left At Sekti-Abtu
Forest Has No Frolic

Game Session: July/18/2015

Ja’Deir’s Seba Vision
The Littlest Things
A Trip to Peningshir
Rumbles and Rambles
Reply of the Great Spirit Bear
Doth the Quill be Mightier than the Bear?
Red Succubus
Love is Evol
The Blizzard Battle
You Are So My Beloved
North by Northworst
As Long As The Books Are Safe

Game Session: July/11/2015

Dreams of Konesh
The Forest: Part 2
Wisdom It’s Not Just the Name of a City
Bells, Rings and Flowery Things
I’m Coming For You
A Reply to Mother
Dear Great Chieftain
You Are Not the Last

Game Session: June/20/2015

Who Is Painting the Picture of War
The Forest
Apologies, Malkin
Apologies, Vesuvia
Interact With Bigs, An Excerpt
Enlightenment of Konesh
Crew Meet Ursus
What Is A Hero?
To Friends Far Away
The Search
Woo Hoo! I Got to be a Hero
The Great March

Game Session: June/6/2015

MMMM Bubbles
The Hunger
Dearest Jarel
The Book of Terosh
Great Ra!
Etrinus Fortem
A Sailor’s Tale
CrIsis Backed
Is Anger All I/He/We Have
It Is Over
The Witness
All Colors Become Light

Game Session: May/23/2015

Another Falls
The Wagon
Ja’Deir’s Carriage Ride
All Ready at Credia
Hey, ReSet
Time is Fear’s Cold Sweat
Be Careful
A Humble Request

Game Session: May/9/2015

Conflicted Conscience
More Consequences
Unwelcome Guest
The Mentor
Hannah the First, Fairy of CrIsis
Follow the Goldenhorn Road
Zealotry Strikes
Prove Yourself

Game Session: April/25/2015

Ra:Godmeet Edition
Secret War
Dragon is Coming
Bad Influence
Who Will Remember Asher?
In Memorium- Asher
Goldenhorn Gazes Forth To The Abyss
Warning By Wings
A Pariah’s Pledge
War is Everywhere
The Calling

Game Session: April/11/2015

Security Officers Log
Long Live the Duke
Words by Wings
Zorrus Speaks
Terrors in Travel, and Renewing Friendships
Annie Sees Her Man
The Trek Home
War Is Coming

Game Session: March/28/2015

The Inestimably Irreplaceable Undeniably Unsurpassable Rod Rambler
Your Danger Grows
Scrying For A Kingdom’s Fate

Game Session: February/28/2015

The Vequerrel Burns
From Blade To Book
An Odd Day
Something Is Amiss
Life of a (Short) sailor
Can I Trust Myself? Can I Forgive Myself?
Annie Get Your Crewman
Isis’ Champion Finds a Master

Game Session: February/21/2015

A Bad Fart Joke
My Friend Asher the Moose
Cheers! I Believe I Suck at Being Evil
Peace Has Come
Annie Cooks Up a Thought
The Consequences of our Actions
Antes Temple Expands

Game Session: January/31/2015

The New Archer of Thoth
First Report From Haven for Empress Jesslyn
Fall From Grace, Rise The General
Beware False Lightning
First Appearance of Osiris
On the Burden of Being a Priest
You Travel Dangerously

Game Session: January/17/2015

The True Light-The Antes Temple
Isle of the Light. Isle of Dark
Magic is Death
Official Military Communiqué to High Prince Tribunia X Ulrich
What I Did for Winter Vacation on the Isle of Cyclops
The Hand Job
Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
The Return Of The Most Dangerous Man In The World
Keeping My Word- Part 2
CrIsis Needs You Both-Again
Isis’ Champion Gains a Companion

Game Session: January/3/2015

Tale of a New Adventurer
Keeping My Word
We Need You to Be a Star
“Out of This World” Says the Walrus
Premonitions, Prophecies, and Powers
Isis Champion Meets Death For the First Time

Game Session: December/20/2014

Humility Must Be Taught
Politics and Compromise
And the Dead Keep It
War Cometh
Recollections of a Liar
A Secret Farewell
Dragon Daze
A Ramen, A Minotaur, and a Dark Priest Walk Into a Bar

Game Session: November/22/2014

Avoiding Any New Voices in my Head
4th Recorded Report to Empress Jesslyn
Apology Accepted
A Fated Rune & CrIsis’ Fateful Vote
Redbeard Forever
A Riddle Only a Sphinx Can Answer
Busy Man
Fall of the Horns of Isis
Your Blood is on Your Own Hands

Game Session: November/8/2014

The Beauty of St. Jarvis
The Light Never Dies
A Letter From Jidian
Abyssal Descent – The Fight Is Right
Waking Up

Game Session: October/25/2014

Walking in the Dark
In Pursuit of Cheese
A Hive of Scum and Karl
Inner Thoughts Out Loud
Greetings From the Library
Is Osiris Returning?
Beware of Your Father

Game Session: October/11/2014

Mary’s Reply
Change in Leadership
Captain Osric Orghallar- First Log
Missive to My Tribesmen
Overkill Obituary by Jidian

Game Session: September/27/2014

A Letter in Secret, a Light in the Dark
The Last Letter to Mary
Burnt Beard
Gone but not Forgotten
“Secret” Admirer
Overkill & The Burning Blade

Game Session: September/6/2014

Games Over Man, Games Over
Dinner With Dad
A Defiler Story
Giants and the Arm
Shark Tooth
Inhale Exhale
CrIsis of Faith
3rd Recorded Report to Empress Jesslyn
Xerx’ses Goldenhorn- The War Wizard

Game Session: August/30/2014

The Golden Minotaur
The Lopanic Games:All Things End

Game Session: August/16/2014

Meditation on Reaching the 12th Circle of Enlightenment
CrIsis and the Games
Into the Unknown
Mirror Mirror
The Conundrum of Righteous Summoners
CrIsis Has Need of You and Thine Noble Band
The Cloven Hoof Hast Struck
A Prayer to Isis
A Question of Faith
Hidden Paths

Game Session: August/2/2014

Lost in Prayer and Rage
Olive Branch
Prayer of Strength
Beyond the Horizon
Play by Play
The Lopanic Games: The Isis Gambit

Game Session: July/19/2014

Excitement at the Games
Life of Brain
Extra Extra!!
The Lopanic Games:A Chance at Immortality
To Pointy

Game Session: July/5/2014

Asterisks and Obelisks
Creation of the Soldiers of the Torch
And Let The Games Begin
To the Nipps
Dear Malkin
Fire in Lopan
The Lopanic Games Open
A Second Missive For an Empress
New Beginnings
Obelisk Visitors

Game Session: June/21/2014

Disco Inferno
Hero, Villain, or Just a Dwarf?
PreGame Events
Dearest Beloved
Time is a River That Runs Both Ways
Games Are Much More
The Life We Lead

Game Session: June/7/2014

Take Up My Yoke, O Lord!
Plea of Insanity
A Missive For An Empress
When Ego Becomes Justice
Eastern Territories
To Our Noble Friend and Paladin
Gromhuran To Xerx’ses

Game Session: May/24/2014

Fifty Shades of Gravy
Osiris’ Jewelry
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Till We Meet Again
Gamesward Bound
Sign a Book For Me, Master Overkill?
Meditation on Reaching the 11th Circle of Enlightenment
Family Lost, Family Found
Welcome to Our Victory
Onward to Lopania

Game Session: May/10/2014

Midnight Oil
Sekti-Abtu the Faire
Once Upon Time
Mortals are the Shadows in the Light & Dark
Annie Get Your Knife
CrIsis Gains a Crew

Game Session: April/26/2014

And Out of Mind
We Submit
Out of Time
A Brief Response

Game Session: April/12/2014

Zero Hand in Hand
By Any Other Name
Silver Linings
Penpal For My Father
Our Father Is Saved
Musical Chairs
A Rose is Still a Rose
Pigeon Upon Arrival
Meditation on Reaching the 10th Circle of Enlightenment
A Meeting With U’Selekma
From the Garden of Draethsemane to Rogtilda
Triumph Over Evil
Declaration of Purpose

Game Session: March/29/2014

Overkill Permanently Captured
Return to Mishala: Part – 2
Travelogue From Majestic 3rd-28th on Behalf of CrIsis
Asher on the Advent of the 1st of Majestic
Knick-Knack Paddy-Whack Give a Dog My Kingdom for a Bone!
Whom to Trust?
Bed Chamber
Apprehension and Uncertainty
Dearest Nephew

Game Session: March/15/2014

A Missive of Healing
A Sailor’s Vision
A Dwarf Without a Compass
Asher’s Prayer
Good Goddamn Goodbyes By Bygone Gods Buy Goodbye
Return to Mishala: Part-1
To Sekti-Abtu, Forthwith!
Bow Before Me
The End is Near
The Journey Continues

Game Session: March/1/2014

The Cleanse
Solipsism, Antinatalism, and Nihilism Walk Into a Bar
CrIsis the Mighty
Change Afoot
The Right Hand of Osiris – Part 3
Nine Lives

Game Session: February/15/2014

Jungle Juggle Jiggle the Jism Jingle Jangle
Emotion on the Table
A Captain’s Rebuttal
My Fellow Pirate
The Right Hand of Osiris – Part 2
Azariel’s Trials

Game Session: February/1/2014

A Simple Missive
Life in the Brink
Euphoric Oric or the Wind Blows the Bellows Below
The Story of Honeysuckle
Clearing the Minds
Where Will the Lost be Found?
The Right Hand of Osiris – Part 1
Thank You Master Weaver
Double Crossed
Boons? Go Boom!

Game Session: January/18/2014

My First Days
I’m the TezSCAT Man!!! Skinny Little diddly do Bobbup Bo!
A Semester’s Excitement
Commission to Pastor Vertan
Like a Dog Who’s Caught a Carriage
A Prayer to Isis in the Cave of the Tezcat Necromancer
New Toys and Old Dead Guys
The Most Dangerous Man in the World
Lopanic Games Info

Game Session: January/4/2014

To My Bestest Friends in CrIsis
Hear Me, Oh Crisis
The Game is a Foot – HA!
I’m a Rainbow Too!
Vagrant Theologian and a Sea of Air Over the Abyss of Oblivion

Game Session: December/21/2013

RSVP – répondez s’il vous plaît
Destiny Knocks
Nara to Nothing
Tolerable InTolerance
Our Results
Lord of Sinza

Game Session: December/7/2013

On A Wing and A Prayer
On Wings of Fire and Frost…It’s a Date!
I Won What?
Seagulls and Swells with Briny Trial Bombshells
The Obelisk

Game Session: November/23/2013

Air an Heir Seclorum Ignoti In Cogito Incognito Squirrell Seagulls
Defiler Defiled
Goodbye My Mended Heart
Clues in the Night
“One, if by Land, and Two, if by Sea”
I Wish You Luck!

Game Session: November/09/2013

To The Depths
Windy Sass From a Breezy Lass or is it Love at Last
Heroes Amongst Us All
Soul Search
Wolfen Games?
I Qualified
So The Defilers Were Who Again
A Baby’s Burial
Lopanic Try Outs
Tornado of Souls and the Maelstrom of Malevolence
A Gift
Etrinan Serelan United
See You at the Games

Game Session: October/26/2013

Fear And Loathing In New Crests
Your replacement is nice and all, but…
Goodness and Patience for Fear
New Crests Crisis Convert Concert with a Wind-Blast Upskirt that hits Pay-Dirt
I Miss You Good Sir
Childhood Heroes

Game Session: October/19/2013

Teleportation For Dummies
Alone In A Crowd
My Soul Is Lighter, Thank You!!
Next Project?
Comfort In Crisis
The Lung And The Games

Game Session: September/28/2013

Substitute GM- HenryBingham

Duty Is Heavy As A Feather
Powers That Be
Two Weeks At Sea
Run Home to Come Home for a Homecoming Homerun
Sorrow And Repentance
In A Troker Hold
A Ghost Storey
A Call to Etrinan’s Noble Soul!
Reversal Of Faith
Middle Is The New Black
May He Rest Among The Tomes
Another Brother For Etrinan
From Wastelands To The Games
The Lopaniad
Location, Location, Location

Game Session: September/14/2013

The Early Travels Of Indaris Excellar
Honesty In Prayer
Assistance, Please!

Game Session: August/31/2013

Earth, Wind, And Fire
Ja’Deir’s Transcendence
Tyvernos Rejoins CrIsis
Never Forget, Never Forgive A Sin
Dear Master Kel-ed
Courting Luck

Game Session: August/17/2013

Air We Go Ere We Go
A Prayer Of The Broken And Lost
Rurgan Roulette
From Palladin to Palladin
The Gods Work In Mysterious Ways
When You Wrong A Friend
To Old Gregg

Game Session: August/3/2013

Zelotry Update
Peace, Be Still
The Battle’s Front
In Elves We Trust
Utu & Anubis
Commander Gleba, Reporting
Etrinan Forever

Game Session: July/20/2013

InDifference Or In Deference
The Eyes Of Madness
Ascend The Heavens And Descend Into Madness
A Study Of Magic
I Am Coming For You
Brothers Etrinan
Oops! Stepped In It!
Cyrus Far’zan, Ours
Letter To Sezar
Hey, Azariel: Your Dad Is Dead

Game Session: July/6/2013

Ego And Id
A Word For The Bard
Ceptaculum Pro Vim Psychicae In Potentia
Through The Looking Glass
There And Back Again
Cava, We Love Your Service
Ovkral – Surrender!

Game Session: June/22/2013

Morning Of The 25th Of Ra
Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
A Star For A Fool
Gromeks And Gods
To The Captor
Dearest Nippy
It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn
Caer Itom And Springgate
Our Conquest Begins

Game Session: June/8/2013 – Vegas

Forward To Bizantium
Gusts Of Gusto Are Balmy In The Eye’s Breeze
I Am Unworthy
Highway To Hades
To Be A Hero
Worldwide Plot

Game Session: May/25/2013

Pussy Galore
Puppy Love
Bungle In The Jungle Bunghole
A Word To A Bard
Welcome To The Jungle
Nipshanks Update #1

Game Session: May/11/2013

The Trip Home, Sort Of-
The Turn Of A King
New Day Dawns

Game Session: April/20/2013

Death Awaits Us All
Strength Of A Soul
The Ship Roggan
Understanding A Noble Soul, A Lightbringer
Roggan’s Requiem
Ultimate Sacrifice
Update From Haven
Book Five Is Published
Internal Politics
How To Heal From Hate

Game Session: April/13/2013

Political Makeover
Urgent Reply
Roggan’s Other Other Other Other Other Other Log!!!
The Minotaur And The Golem
Neither Knowledge Gleaned nor Wisdom Gained?
Shouldering The Sins Of The Past
Hardened Heart and Resolve
Llorn Sucks!

Game Session: March/30/2013

For The Sins Of My People
Bluto’s Other Log?!?
Apology? You Must Be Joking!
Take Me To The River
Strange Occurrences

Game Session: March/16/2013

Let’s Talk
Fireside Chat
River Trip
Roggan’s Other Other Other Other Other Log!!
Who Takes Bishop?
Ambassador Overkill?
The Sea, She Can Be A Real Bitch!

Game Session: March/2/2013

Drunken Lullabies
Wakiw’s Letter
Pirates And Priests
The Happy Warrior
40 Paces Does Not a Duel Make

Game Session: February/16/2013

Cava’s Folly
Warning: Great Danger Awaits!
Do Not Dread, Skred
Malkin To The Rescue
Roggan’s Other^4 Log!!!
Low on Cash In Kaash
Who knew Bone-new?

Game Session: February/2/2013

CrIsis Changing
Bluto’s Log???

Game Session: January/19/2013

Bennu The Benevolent?
Beira Doceu
Sad News
Two Bits Of Prose
Roggan’s Other Other Other Log!!!
Deevil Dark Distraction And The Snore Heard Round the World
A Letter To The Library

Game Session: January/5/2013

Long Time No Hear
Lessons Failed
Roggan’s Other Other Log!!!
Prayers Of A Dwarf
Bent Over Bennudiction
Civil War, Barbarians, and Other News

Game Session: December/1/2012

Serving Others
Roggan’s Other Log!!!!
A Sailor’s Fear
Letter From Haven
Desertion By Death
Aurora Tristinium and Minotaurs
Roggan’s Log!!!
Drauka’s Death

Game Session: November/10/2012

Two Women
Drauka’s Dithering

Game Session: October/27/2012

Minotaurs – Honorable and Immoral
Drauka The Detective
Her Name Was Jasmine
The Mage And His Secrets
Chips Ahoy

Game Session: October/13/2012

Who Is Patch?
Drauka’s Double Take
Vox Bardus

Game Session: September/29/2012

The Day Of The Gods
Three Gods
Gifts Of The Gods
Drauka The Diver
Pigeon A La Rose

Email Session: September/16-26/2012

Drauka The Discoverer
A Too Bright Dawn
Rise Of The Brotherhood
A Day In The Life: CrIsis
Greatest Alchemist In The World
A Little Of This And A Little Of That
Wind Dines With A Dwarf And Shoots the Breeze

Game Session: September/15/2012

CrIsis Comes A Calling
End Of The Road
Bad Gnome Rising
Drauka The Diplomat
You Say You Want A Revolution
Timiro Triumphant

Game Session: September/1/2012

Tyvernos’ Last Words?
Letter To Malkin
Mind Games
Drauka The Dreamer
Books, Death, And Tithes
Building A Stairway To Heaven

Game Session: August/18/2012

The Paths of the Dead
Give Me Some Ribs
Carry On My Wayward Son
Winds Of Change

Game Session: August/4/2012

Letter Number Two
Island Of Death
Letters To Home

Game Session: July/28/2012

The Repentant
Letter Number One

Game Session: July/7/2012

Message From Nath
The Voyage of the Damned
What About Rell?
Slave Uprising Two
The Gods And Lemaria
She Glaives Me Not

Game Session: June/23/2012

Death Waiting To Happen
Time’s Frozen Pain
The Mourning After

Game Session: June/9/2012

Substitute GM – Witchcraft

Missing Home
Life At The Shop
Island Of Mystery
War On The Horizon
Bounty Hunters
War Imminent

Game Session: May/26/2012

A Time Of Need
With One Accord In A Flash
Sea of Despair – CrIsis Style

Game Session: May/12/2012

Greminor’s Reply
Nights of Captains
The Power Of Rune
For The Masses
A Prayer

Game Session: April/28/2012

Postcard from the Edge
Slave Uprising
I am Water
Is This the Real Life?

Game Session: April/14/2012

The Betrayal
Pull My Finger…

Game Session: March/31/2012

Assistance Needed
Voice Of Reason
Robert’s First Report on CrIsis
Cava’s Prayer
The Trial of the Redbeard Clan
This Can’t Go On

Game Session: March/17/2012

Tree Huggers and Snow
Climax of Confusion or Denouement of Disaster?

Game Session: March/3/2012

Come Fly With Me
The View From the Edge
Party Planning Committee
Choose Wisely
A Message to the Followers

Game Session: February/18/2012

Knives, Glorious Knives
After Action Report: 2nd Kym-Nark-Mar
Vacations From Life
The Hymn of Northolme

Game Session: February/4/2012

Return from the City of the Dead
Ponderings To Humara
Night Of The Alu Demons
Rell’s Penance
Village of Fire
Rise of Signs
Bathing in Bennude?

Game Session: January/7/2012

Where The Wind Blows?
Pilgrims Of The South
Flee From The Father
How Rell Recovered
Softer Side Of A Dwarf

Game Session: December/10/2011

Much of Nothing About a Do(od)
In Which Rell Is Just Rell
Five Of Seven
The Prayer

Game Session: November/12/2011

Who Are You…
Thoth’s New Son
Time for Vacation

Game Session: October/29/2011

Gavin Comes Out
We Are Not Going To Survive
The Day That Rell Awoke

Game Session: October/15/2011

Pack Leader
The Waking Nightmare

Game Session: September/30/2011

The Babysitter’s Club
How Rell conquered
A Poor Companion, He
Lemon Party
The Facade

Game Session: September/17/2011

What Rell Feared
Dancing With Faeries
Faeries, Ogres, Dwarves. Oh My!
How Rell Changed
Ah the Party No One Wants to Miss!

Game Session: September/3/2011

Interview With A God
Warrior of Blood
The Conversation.

Game Session: August/20/2011

Pirate Reborn
Free at Last
Damn Humans

Game Session: August/6/2011

Is There Justice?
What Rell Did
Pirates? What the….

Game Session: July/23/2011

Every Time
What Rell Saw
Touched by an Angel
Heart of Haven

Game Session: July/9/2011

What Hath Isis Wrought?
Bon Voyage
Ocean Voyage to Haven
The Ruse

Game Session: June/18/2011

My Dinner With Andre…Er…Elanu
Strange Tides

Game Session: June/4/2011

From Worse to Worst…
Day Two of the Library

Game Session: May/14/2011

Lost in Tranzlation
Secrets of the Library
Greldarr’s First Day With Humans

Game Session: April/30/2011

City of Knowledge
Emerald Ghosts & Wimpy Wolven
Chip’s First Log

Game Session: April/2/2011

Captain’s Log
The Goddess and a New World

Game Session: March/12/2011

Rifts Earth
The Wanderer