Celestial Magus


Reader’s Note:

This is an O.C.C. for those that become a Godling RCC only! It requires two slots of the three powers granted unto them.

Celestial Magus or Magi are sorcerers who have gone through two very distinct mystical changes. A) They have become a Godling, B) and they’ve forged a mystical link between themselves and a Dimensional Plane. These mysterious dimensional travelers are said to derive their magical and psychic abilities from the this link between them and the Dimensional Plane. These sorcerers appear to wield the talent to dimensional teleport back and forth from their dimensional domain. They also focus the supernatural nature due to the megaversal link they share with their dimensional realm. A few of the oldest and most powerful mystics claim that they have been able to sense a living, sentient presence permeating from certain dimensional realms.

Celestial Magi undergo much of the same ordeals experienced Gods, including balancing growth of the realm and their personal power pool. Like the “real” gods, the Celestial Magus eventually build their own dimensional realms and shape them as they will, enjoying and suffering many of the same advantages and drawbacks. In general, the dimensional realms of the Celestial Magi tend to be smaller and less complex than those of their true godly counterparts. This is because the Celestial Magi need P.P.E. to use their magical abilities and aren’t willing to sacrifice it all to build a large domain (and thus make them less personally powerful).

Celestial Magus O.C.C. Abilities & Bonuses

1. Dimensional Transference: The character can enter the their Dimensional Realm at will. This is an innate ability that costs no P.P.E. but takes one minute (four melee rounds) of meditative concentration.

2. Dimensional Teleport: The Celestial Magi may perform a Dimensional Teleport at will, however, only to dimensional realms that they have been to before ( 45% success ratio, add + 10% on a ley line and +20% at a nexus; similar to the demon’s teleport). Initially traveling to a to a new dimension must first be done through conventional mystical spells or summoning. Also, this power only allows the Celestial Magi and their possessions they can carry/wear upon them.

3. Dimensional Realm / Plane: The greatest power of the Celestial Magus is the ability to reshape the fabric of the megaverse to build a separate, self-contained “pocket universe.” This ability uses up the character’s permanent P.P.E. base (see P.P.E., below). Depending on how much P.P.E. the Celestial Magus (or Celestial Magi; two or more characters can collaborate in building a Realm / Plane) spends, the domain can have a variety of appearances, qualities, defenses and inherent powers. See Xerx’ses Labyrinth for more information. As the character becomes more powerful (i.e., reaches new experience levels and gains more P.P.E.), he can improve his domain by permanently channeling more P.P.E. into it. The main limiting factor for Celestial Magus is that they depend on P.P.E. to cast spells, so using a great deal of their reservoirs to build domains will weaken their magic abilities.

4. Magical Powers: All magic spells of the same level as the character’s experience; i.e. a first level character knows all first level spells, a second level character knows all first and second level spells.

5. P.P.E.: 3D6 X 10 plus P.E. attribute. At least one-third of the P.P.E. rolled (rounded up) must be used to build the character’s Dimensional Realm / Plane. Add 6D6 P.P.E. per level of experience.

6. Supernatural Power Focus as a Creature of Magic: This unique transformation and progression of abilities applies only to the Celestial Magus.
1st: Gain the following psionic abilities: Sense Dimensional Anomaly, Presence Sense, Sense Magic, and Telepathy. I.S.P.: 4D6 plus M.E. attribute, plus 1D6 I.S.P. per additional level of experience.
2nd: Increase P.P.E. base by 1D4 X 10 + 20 points.
3rd: Become invisible at will.
4th: Impervious to possession.
5th: Pick one magical type of energy attack does half damage.
6th: Increase P.P.E. base by 1D6 X 10 + 40 points.
7th: Pick a second magical type of energy attack does half damage.
8th: +1 to ANY saving throw of a magical or psychic nature.
9th: Double the range of spells!
10th: Increase P.P.E. base by 2D4 X 10 + 60 points.
11th: One additional spell attack per melee round!
12th: +1 to spell strength.
13th: Increase P.P.E. base by 2D6 X 10 + 80 points.
14th: Impervious to illusions.
15th: Double the duration of all spells!

7. Remaining Stats and Notes: Aside from these adjustments refer back to the Godling R.C.C. for everything else.