UPDATE! On the 15th of Gryphon, in the 7th year of CrIsis, it is revealed that this is a weapon that Thoth designed for himself, or his most devout followers. It reduces the victim to an animal state… renders them ‘mindless,’ if you will. But only when the spear is thrown or fired from some sort of launcher by a worshiper of Thoth. The weapon will then return automatically.

Before being blessed, it was believed this spear had only the following abilities: Versus Minions of the Dark, this magical short spear will harm them “as if they had been struck twice.” It can also seemingly paralyze an enemy as per the spell Paralysis: Lesser.


This magic short spear was made by a Tri-Arcanum Alchemist named Thurweard Getor. It was commissioned by Silent Dream on the 3rd of Grekar in the 72nd Year of the Great Wolfen Empire for a cost of Є 28,000. Upon completion and receiving full payment it was packaged and delivered to Llorn where it was handed to Dream personally by Duke Githeon VasPasseon on the 29th of Ra of the same year.

Silent Dream named it Corin, which means “spear.”

Art by Tree of Savior Fan Base