Crystal Kingdom

Little is known about this place, other than it may hold the Kidney of Osiris, and that Lictalon cannot enter it.

Lictalon issued these cryptic words about the Kingdom, “Elves built the crystal kingdom, so you should remember things about elves. They are more interested in the unique than the value. The true elf relishes in finding his own path that is not of the same pattern. They look all ways. They look up and they look down. The Crystal Kingdom was built with the help of the dwarves. What the dwarves are known for will come into play. Sometimes you must go down to go up.”


Update Thoth, PA 114: CrIsis has freed the Kidney, and the Crystal Kingdom again floats through the skies of Palladium! It is part of Koris Gwaisol.


Crystal Castle picture from Castle Made of Crystal
Floating kingdom from the amazing D20 Monkey