Crystal Staff of Healing

Crystal Staff of Healing

This five foot long staff is made of solid crystal. It is the product of ancient Crystal Magic and is one of the most powerful types of “crystal rods” which could be produced. This staff is known to have the following powers:

• Restores 20D6 H.P. to all within a radius of 2 feet per level of the staff’s owner. This power can only be used 3× per day and manifests as a green cloud which emanates from the staff to fill the area of effect.

• Provides a bonus of +50% to save vs coma/death to whoever is holding or touching the staff 3× per day.

• Negates poison 3× per day.

• The staff has no alignment.

• This staff needs to bond with its owner for its abilities to be used in full. Regular use will allow the bond to develop properly. Some “sharing of energies” may be required to bond, but it doesn’t have to be psychic energy.

When Silent Dream performed his Object Read on this item he received the following two visions of past events involving the staff and its previous owner, the Pandemonium Deevil who masqueraded as the Queen of Crystal Kingdom.

First vision: The queen approaches a group of bloodied, injured soldiers holding crystal weapons. She holds the staff aloft and a green cloud comes out of the staff to engulf the soldiers. Their wounds close up and disappear, renewing their health. The soldiers cheer and shout her name as she basks in their adulation.

* * * * * * * * * *

Second vision: A man sits tied to a chair, bound within a crystal jail in the dungeons of the Crystal Kingdom. The Queen is there asking him questions and beating him mercilessly for answers. As his wounds grow more grievous and threaten to incapacitate him she holds out the staff and the green cloud envelops him. When it dissipates his wounds are gone – only the bloody, ripped clothing reveal there were any wounds at all. The Queen resumes beating him again, and again she heals him once his wounds grow too severe. She is enjoying this game of interrogating torture and shows no signs of ending it anytime soon.





Picture from MidwayUSA