Donation Tracking



Overall Donations Tracking

For general Money questions, see Palladium Currency.


Character Last Donation Last Session Donated Total Donations
Grignak 5,100,000 8/24/17 5,273,744
Merkl 10,000 6/17/17 60,000
Silent Dream 100,000 2/25/17 142,000
Torrun 59,060 2/25/17 127,963
Ursus 13,000 1/14/17 198,466
CrIsis Group Donation 339,200 Email 9/26/12 339,200



Donations to the Church of Light & Dark

Character Donation Total Donations Date Place Kingdom
Grignak 1653 5,275,397 12/05/114 Largest Soup Kitchen, Mezfi Ohn Norther Territories
Merkl 50,000 50,000 8/24/114 Various Temples of Light- Caer Itom Western Empire
Silent Dream 100,000 142,000 8/24/114 Temple of Apis- Caer Itom Western Empire
Torrun 59,060 127,963 8/24/114 Temples of Bast, Thoth, & Ra – Caer Itom Western Empire
Ursus 13000 198,466 8/1/114 Llorn Throne room Eastern Territory

Donations Given to Individuals/ Organizations

Character Donation Total Donations Date Place/Person Kingdom
Grignak 9 Books of History 9 Books of History 4/28/114 Malkin Falimede Y’Oda
Merkl 10,000,000 10,000 12/5/114 Refugees Me’zfii Onh
Silent Dream 15,000 15,000 3/24/114 Gave a Ring of Tongues to Crystal, No Name‘s wife, on their farm. Nisi
Ursus 114,494 184,466 3/31/114 Transfer of GC Bank note to Bishop TuTu Credia
Torrun 10,000
(5,000 for Torrun)
(5,000 for Merkl)
10,000 3/31/114 Transfer of GC Bank funds via note to King Guy Campton for taxes. Credia

Donations of Time/Expertise/Help

Character Donation Total Donations Date Place/Person Kingdom
Ursus 5 days 5 days 3/24/114 Fort Ac Repairs Timiro Kingdom
Torrun 1 days 37 days 8/2/114 Soup kitchen in Caer Itom (spends 5,000 gold on feeding the hungry). Western Empire

Special Notes:

Silent Dream writes a note and seals it, asking that it only be opened upon confirmation of his death as well as the death of the Nameless Man. Contained within are secrets of irrigation and agriculture which The Nameless Man entrusted to him to give to the world upon his death. If Dream does not live to pass the secrets to the world then he feels having the priests of Apis from within the Western Empire would be fitting.

Grignak did an auction that was very successful in Caer Itom, raising 5,100,000.


Donation tracking began on 4/25/109, or Majestic 25, year 1 of the campaign.