Dread Gazebo


The gazebo appears normal, although ancient, and of Ancient Elven construction. Once one gets close, however, things change radically.

Inspired as a tribute to Dread Gazebo, formerly of Obsidian Portal, one of the key players in the site- Thanks for all the fun Jerry, and for putting up with my vocal self!

Also the details of the encounters for the players came directly from an old Kobold Press blog post- a tribute to the awesome true gaming story of the Dread Gazebo.

1- What’s really interesting about this gazebo is that it is surrounded by several smaller gazebos that might be able to handle your foot. Foot-sized gazebos. Do they grow?
2- The vines that cling to the gazebo each feature many white flowers that sprinkle a substance resembling blood when the breeze blows through them.
3-Pinned to the outside of the gazebo is a sign stating these words: “Thou shalt not transgress against this gazebo.”
4- The gazebo is painted a black so deep that it seems to eat light.
5- A flock of pink flamingoes around the gazebo rush at you, furious at your intrusion upon their domain.
6- Whispered conversations sound out around the gazebo, yet you see nobody. Curious how one of these whispers seems to follow you around well after you’ve left the area and is telling you about your forthcoming doom in a sultry and dark tone.
7- The gazebo gets up on its legs and wanders away when you approach.
8- A ring of gnomes surrounds the gazebo, chanting in a tongue unknown to you. Inside, a gnome statue starts to glow with a blue-green light. It blinks.
9- The area surrounding the gazebo changes abruptly the moment you step inside. Where are you now?
10- Someone cut out chains of tiny paper people and strung them around the gazebo. Some of these people have no legs, and some have no heads. All have little red splotches on them denoting wounds, perhaps.
11- Your perspective shifts and those who were standing in the gazebo with you are suddenly standing within YOU. You are very, very hungry, and these people seem like such yummy little morsels.
12- A soft light enters the gazebo, illuminating it at all times of the day. A soft purple pillow awaits your weary body. This looks like a very peaceful place to rest.