Game Master Contract


As your Game Master, I promise to always uphold the following as an oath of honor and pride, and swear to always keep these rules in place for myself so you as players can trust in my role as your guide through these adventures:

I will always remain as fair and impartial as possible. If you feel that there is a problem, bring it immediately to my attention!

I will never allow the party to fall victim of Game Master Wins. This one carries quite a lot of importance for me as a GM. If you manage to overcome overwhelming obstacles, no matter what your enemies throw at you, you will have earned your victory in a way that not even I, as the GM, can dispute.

I will happily take your suggestions, requests, and constructive criticisms! In fact, this is your game! This is your sandbox, I just make sure you stay in the sandbox- what you do in there is up to you!

I have incorporated all Player Character backstories into the plot of my campaign as much as I could. You as the PC should never feel that all the work you put into writing your backstory went to waste. Ever. I will continue to add to the game- you should feel encouraged to continue to grow your character.

I will never attempt to “bend reality,” either for NPCs or for the party. This follows in line with the GM Wins promise, but it is one of great importance. GM Wins cheapens the experience for players, and makes me as a GM feel dirty and shameful. I will not do it, and you as players can count on that. However, this is a game that involves the Gods. Do not expect them to act human, and remember, miracles do occur. There is also reason for the term “Wrath of the Gods.”

I am human, and I will make mistakes. You will not ever be punished for bringing up this fact. If the group wants something changed, we will change it. If I screw up, I will try to fix it once it is brought to my attention. Please know this, and give me a chance to fix my errors.

House rules, which are published on the rules page, take precedence to rules in any of the printed materials. Changes to the rules page will be sent to all players. We will strive as a group to make the rules make sense and work for the game- our enjoyment takes precedence over anything on the printed page or website!