Three generations ago his family humanized their last name from Ferhavyn to Fairweather. Since then all children of the Fairweather family has had a human-centric proper name. They are doing their best to fit into human society and are vocal proponents of the so called Shortie faction. His hair is red, as it is with all Redbeards, but it is that pale red that can almost be considered blonde. His beard has never been shaved to this point, which isn’t saying much due to his youth. His beard is a good three inches long, but it is still wispy and patchy.

Even being only twenty eight years old, he has lived a significant amount in a short time, adopting a more human attitude. Like many other Shorties he has pushed himself to be more active, to accept more responsibility at a younger age and to live life more like a human of his own age. This tends to create a dissonance, not only between the Shorties and the rest of the dwarves of Bizantium, but in the minds of the dwarves themselves. While all of their contemporaries are still playing the games of dwarven childhood, the Shorties are acting as adults.

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‘Excuse me, but I feel I should warn you that taking me will put you in the bad graces of his Lordship the Baron of Westharbor, General of Marines, Aaryn Seamount.’

I began looking around even as I began to speak, “Who’s talking…wait it’s talking…um, hush…sword?”  I brought the sword up to my lips as I began to whisper to it.

‘I understand with the juvenile feel of your thoughts, that you might not truly understand what I am saying, but I am only speaking to your thoughts and not speaking aloud…unlike yourself.’

“Wait..you’re talking to my mind?” I said, whispering, again before I simply began thinking at it.  ‘I mean, you’re talking to my mind.  I suppose you can hear me when I do this?’

‘Yes, I can.  So, will you put me back, then?’

‘Put you back?  You’re a rune-sword, and by the fact that you are talking to me, that will mean that you must be a powerful one.  So, what can you do?  Throw fireballs or something?’

‘Actually, yes.  I can throw fireballs and something.’

‘Cool, what else?  Come on, don’t clam up on me now.’

‘Please, just put me back.  I’ll not tell him that you considered taking me.’

‘Considered nothing.  You’re the symbol of his office at the leader of the Bizantium Marines.  The fact that you’re also a rune weapon just adds icing to the cake.  This is so cool.’


‘No need to be angry.’

‘I’m not angry.’

‘Snippy then.’ Having moved far enough away from the building that I figured I would be safe to make a noise I whistled for Horsefeathers and mounted up.  They’d originally called my pegasus Adonis, but I thought the name too pretentious, and so the moment I ran away from the Sky Raider’s barracks…

‘You ran away from the marines?’

‘Sort of, well, the king, I mean Minischmee, the True King, he woke me up the night of the coup and he told me to run.  I went into the stables, saddled Horsefeathers and, and the two of us flew out there at the highest speed we could.’

‘You’re a dwarf.’

‘How observant of you.’

No need to be rude.  I just found it to be astonishing.  How in the world did a Dwarf become a member of the Sky Riders?’

‘Why?  Because we are all supposed to be human?’

Yes, exactly.’

I stopped and thought of the ending of my short childhood.  I was barely 26 years old, a literal child for a dwarf.  The king had chosen me from among all of my friends, from among all the other possible dwarves.  He had set me apart and put me forth as the poster child of the entire Shortie movement.  There I was, training with adults, and doing my best to act just like they were.  I was learning to fly and to fight, but I was slow, oh so slow, because I didn’t understand how all of this fit into any sort of framework.

‘I got the basics, though, so when he told me to run, I ran.  The problem was, that after I ran I realized that I couldn’t be a child anymore.  I’d already learned so much about being an adult and being a Sky Rider, that I couldn’t just go back to who I’d been.  I had to become who I’d been trained to be.  Those early days were hectic.  I was running from place to place.  I was hiding out in the woods and living off the land.  It would be a great continuation of the story were I to have found the rebellion.

‘In truth, they found me on the brink of starvation and going completely out of my mind from paranoia.  Not a one of them wanted to put me to work, but they showed me a safe place to begin working from.  And work I did.  I began going behind enemy lines, as I had been trained, and I began harassing the enemy.  I stole items, including this little baby on my other hip.’

And now you’ve stolen me?’

‘I stole you for a special reason.  You see, the General put a price on my head.  He called me a terrorist, even though I never once attacked a civilian target.  This is asymmetric-warfare.  So, I figured if his men weren’t legitimate targets, then I would attack him directly.’

Um…well…I can’t fault your logic.  One question.’

‘What now?’

‘How were you planning on evading the Sky Riders that are on our tail?’

The next couple of hours were a blur of dodging through the trees at top speed on the back of a pegasus.  In the end, Mariner, the sword, Horsefeathers, the pegasus, and Jace, the..um..me, ended up hiding in the mud at the side of an inlet.

Name: Jacin “Jace” Fairweather, House Steelshaper of Clan Redbeard worshiper of Horus
True Name: Jacin Ferhavyn
Rank 16th Level
OCC: Bizantium Marine Sky Rider
Race: Dwarf
Land of Origin: Bizantium
Citizenship: Bizantium

HT  4′ IQ  9 Save vs Magic +9 Strike +12
WT  200 lbs ME  14 Save vs Psionics +0 Parry +5
PPE  9 MA  9 Save vs coma +30% Dodge +5
PS 30 Save vs poison/disease +8 Roll +11
HP  67 PP 21 Save vs horror +7 Pull +5
SDC  72 PE 30 Save vs possession +2 Initiative +1
Exp PB 10  Auto death blow 20 Damage +21
Sex  Male SPD 18/4 Attack from Behind  2x Disarm +5
Birthday 6/30/86 (28 yo) Knockdown/ Stun  17-20 Critical 19,20
HTH:  Assassin Perception: Secrets/ Sabotage  +1 Attacks  9
Alignment  Aberrant Perception  0

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium 69,000<> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coins 

Weapon Proficiencies Start Strike Parry Thrown/ Rate Range/Damage
Archery 1 +7 +7 10 +320′
Pole Arm 1 +6 +6 +3 +4
Shield 1 +3 +8 1d4
Sword 1 +7 +7 +3
Lance 1 2 attack ea +2d6
Paired Sword 1
Weapons: Damage Notes
Trident 2D6+2
Lance 2D6+4
The Mariner: Rune Sword  Bizantium Lead General Sword of Office 1D4x10 Spells: Calling, Tongues, Fire Ball, Globe of Silence, See Invisible  Greater Rune Sword  +1 All saves
Backbiter: Lightbringer Sword 5D6  Glows Red +1 All saves
Crossbow 1D8
Armor AR SDC Notes
 Serpent Scale Black  14 55  -7% Prowl, Climb, etc
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Kick 2D4
Tripping leg hook Trip only, no damage
Back Sweep  – Trip behind, no damage
Special Powers Description Notes
 Horseback  +2 Parry/dodge, +1 Init, +1 Fall, +1D6
 Horse Attack  2d6 front, 4d6 back
 Horse Charge  +2d6  Counts as 2 attacks
Nightvision 90′
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
 Suit of Colors Full length Coat (Main p 258)
 Metamorphosis Animal 30 minutes 2x/day
Special Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling  40+5 1 16 98%
Underground Architecture 30+5 1 16 98%
Underground Sense Direction 40+5 1 16 98%
Aboveground Detection from Underground 30+5 1 16 98%
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Northern 98% 1 16 98%
Language: Dwarven 40+5 10 1 16 98%
Castaway Survival 27+3 20 1 16 92%
Climbing 40+5 10 1 16 98%
-Rappelling 35+5 10 1 16 98%
Math: Basic 30+5 10 1 16 98%
Military Etiquette 35+5 20 1 16 98%
Rope Works 30+5 20 1 16 98%
Sailing 35/20+5 15 1 16 98%/98%
Seamanship 22+4 6 1 16 88%
Sewing 25+5 1 16 98%
Swimming 40+5 20 1 16 98%
Field Armorer 30+5 10 1 16 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 15 1 16 98%
Gemology 25+5 10 1 16 98%
Physical Labor 1 16
WP Archery 1 16
WP Pole Arm 1 16
WP Shield 1 16
WP Sword 1 16
WP Lance 1 16
WP Paired Sword 1 16
Body Building 1 16
HtH Assassin 1 16
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Imitate Voice/Impersonation  10  1  16
-Voice: Regional 36+4 10 1 16 98%
-Voice: Person 26+4 10 1 16 96%
-Imperson: Generic 16+4 10 1 16 86%
-Impersonate: Specific 10+4 10 1 16 80%
Horse: Pegasus 78+2 1 16 98%
Horse: Exotic 30/20+5 10 1 16 98%/98%
Prowl 25+5 20 1 16 98%
Disguise 25+5 10 1 16 98%
Shipwright 22+4 10 3 16 84%
Escape Artist 25+5 10 6 16 85%
Deep Sea Fishing 32+4 10 9 16 70%
Lore: Sea 25+5 10 12 16 55%
ID Sea Life 27+4 10 16 16 37%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
-Climb/Scale Walls 45+5 1 16 98%
-Balance 45+5 1 16 98%
-Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 1 16 75%
-Back Flip/Somersault 40+5 1 16 98%
-Tightrope 30+3 1 16 98%
Running 1 16
Pilot Small Boats 30+5 1 16 98%
Boxing 4 16
Outdoorsmanship 8 16
Sniper 12 16
Name # Location Description
Shadow Colony Uniform 1  Worn
Sailors Uniform 1 Saddlebag 1
Winter Clothing 1 Saddlebag 1
Sewing Kit 1 Saddlebag 1
Saddlebag 4 Horsefeathers
Potion of Healing  2D6 HP or SDC
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole # Date Gained Date Spent Spend Note
Total Gained 0
Luck Points  # Spend Note
Total Remaining 0