Justice & Retribution



Commissioned by Ra from Thoth using the twin axes that had belonged to Torrun. Said to contain the soul of a dead Demigod split among both axes from among the Pantheon of Ra! Ra informs him that because the soul was powerful enough to survive death and being split in half they will likely never communicate much if ever.

Ra presents them to Torrun when he makes him a Demigod and sends him to join CrIsis.



✠ I.Q.: 18 (Justice) & 14 (Retribution) – Can speak telepathically with their wielder or potential wielders.
✠ ALIGNMENT: Good Only! Usable by good alignments.
✠ APPEARANCE: A pair of matching blue-gray looking long-handled battle-axes with golden runes inscribed upon the octagonal shaped haft and blade’s face. When the butts are joined together the axe blades face opposite directions from each other on their respective ends of the double axe.
✠ SAVING THROWS MOD.: + 1 bonus This applies to ALL saving throws when in physical contact with the wielder or 4 miles if bonded.
✠ DAMAGE: 7D6 + Bonus + P.S. (if applicable). If combined 10D6 + Bonus + P.S. (if applicable).
✠ BONUSES: Both are well made with Justice getting a +2 to Strike, +3 to Parry; while Retribution gets a +4 to Damage, +3 to Parry. When combined the highest bonus is used and don’t stack.


✠ Blade Breaker: Any non-magical weapon or shield used to parry this axe will be shattered upon contact! Further, the weapon or shield will not have deflected the incoming blow one bit, which will continue to hit its intended target and inflict full damage. Magical weapons and shields can parry the axe, but they too run the risk of being shattered. Should a magical weapon or shield parry the Twins, the character wielding the rune axe should roll what his damage would have been if the attack had hit. That damage roll is the percentage chance of shattering the parrying implement. Thus, a magical sword that parries a blow that would have inflicted 40 points of damage runs a 01-40% chance of shattering upon impact! Note: The only weapons immune to this effect are those enchanted for indestructibility or other rune weapons. This shattering effect does not work on armor, just items used to parry its attack.
✠ Whirling Shield: When used singly or as paired weapons, either battle axe can be spun around in its wielder’s hand with such speed that it forms a shield that can parry incoming projectiles (including arrows, crossbow bolts). When parrying arrows in this fashion, the wielder of the Twins parries with no penalty. When parrying other projectiles in this fashion, the wielder of the Twins parries with a modest penalty of only a -2.
✠ Combined Power: These long-hafted battle axes can be joined together to form a staff-like weapon with an axe head on either end. In this form, the Twins become as one. Of course, paired weapon action with the Twins becomes impossible until the weapons are separated again. When the butts are joined together the axe blades face the same direction from each other on their respective ends of the double axe. When in this Long-Axe double-ended form, the Twins act in unison and the wielder is able to continue using W.P. Battle Axe as his weapon for purposes of bonuses.

Damage from a single strike increases to 10D6+4, +2 to Strike, +3 to Parry.
The wielder gets one additional attack per melee.
Awareness up to 20 feet (6.1 m) away. Attuned with their surroundings to such a degree that they can not be surprised and has a +5 bonus to initiative.
Long Strike – Up to three times a day, only a combined Justice & Retribution can project the force of its swing as a kind of magically directed shock wave. This attack has a range of 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of its owner.



✠ WARRIOR OF MERIT: You must be level 10 in a class considered a martial-type warrior to be worthy of being considered.
✠ COWARDS NEED NOT APPLY: Once used in battle the wielder must finish the fight or suffer a standard hit direct to their hit points! NO SAVE!

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.