Leaf Blanket of Healing

Leaf Blanket of Healing

Xerx’ses is given this blanket after turning his Golden Feather he won for Pentathlon and Dueling at the Lopanic Games. Since he had two he was given two blankets. He bequeathed one of them to CrIsis to use as they see fit. It is from the Millennium Tree!!!!

Each member of CrIsis receives one from the Tree itself when they visit it on the 4th of Corg, 114.

Appearance: See Description and picture above

Healing Powers Description of Powers
The blanket must be laid over the injured individual for any of the properties to work.
Toxin Negation Instantly negates toxins and other chemicals.
Heal Wounds Restoring 2D6 S.D.C. and 2D6 Hit Points per hour of rest.
Coma Recovery Adds +30% to characters trying to recover from a coma.
Camouflage Per the chameleon spell so long as the character does not take any aggressive action or move from one spot.
Restoration The leafs most miraculous ability. The blanket
Magical Bark & Leaves can be used to restore severed limbs and bring comatose characters back to consciousness and healed with up to two Hit Points. However, the use of this power completely destroys the leaf – it withers and disappears.

See the log The Lopanic Games: All Things End.

Picture from Leafy Creations.