Lopanic Games Rules


Be named and have sponsorship from recognized guilds of a recognized realm.
Completed application, signed by them and countersigned by a representative of the guild.
Be a male who can speak Elven.
Be an adult.
Not have major or master psionic ability as determined by the LGC (Lopanic Games Committee)
Adhere to the rules of the Games and swear to abide by them in front of Rurga herself!


All participants must be clothed and are allowed to wear whatever outfit they choose to compete in, but no jewelry is allowed.
No psionic abilities are allowed!
Conventional events (not Freestyle) do not allow any magical abilities. That means no spells, wards, charms, potions, enchantments, or magic weapons!
All entrants must swear the oath of truth at the statue of Rurga.
Freestyle events allow no jewelry, wards, charms, potions, enchantments or magic weapons- just the caster’s powers alone!